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Back button focus: You'll NEVER go back!

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Back-button focus means pressing your shutter button no longer automatically autofocuses your camera. Instead, you control it with the AF-On button. It provides …


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  1. Except on lesser bodies, Nikon kind of forgot that we left-eyed guys exist. I used to be a back-button user while I was on the Canon system, but the placement of it on anything bellow D800 series is horrible for anyone using the left eye for framing through the VF.

  2. The title of this video is Spot On. I watched this video a couple months ago, was skeptical but thought I'd try it. The first month it took me a while to get used to it, but I didn't use my camera that much during that time. However, we just returned from a long vacation where we visited four State & National Parks, during which I took over 1,000 photos. Back button focus is now ingrained in my mind, and Tony is right, I will Never Go Back!

  3. Im confused. Im not a camera person. So do I press this back button thingy and hold it and then press the shoot button? Or do I press the back button release it and then press the shoot button? I don’t understand it. Someone help.

  4. With the Sony a73, is it still possible to lock in focus during single point af so you don't have to recompose? Or do the buttons only switch between eye af and single point af?

  5. Tony, I have a SONY A7 Mk II. Your QUOTE "you can program one AF-On button to do a single autofocus point, and a second button (such as AEL) to focus with all autofocus points." I have set up the AF-On button as per your guide to the MF/AF button. However, how do set up AEL to be set up with all autofocus points using the AEL button? I don't see an option for that.

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