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Baby Burlesk – Hollywood's Shameful Past Exposed

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Shirley Temple will forever be associated with sweetness, her cute songs, and dance, as well as the song “Good Ship Lollipop” but is there a darker side to …


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  1. Damn. Every single piece of movie footage shown here is ridiculously disturbing. Seeing it as a child it seems innocent but now as an adult, holy shit. 😱

  2. Top secret? Right. You don’t have to be so dramatic. It’s awful and it is what it was. Sad really. She was such a little sweetheart. What an innocent baby angel. 🥰❣️🙏

  3. This is no surprise to me – my mother was a child at the same time as shirley temple and had enjoyed her films and thought I would like them when I was growing up. Maybe my generation was a bit more worldly wise, as I always thought there was something off-colour about the way Shirley acted and the situations she got in. Looking st them now they are truly disgusting – it’s no wonder we don’t see them shown too often on tv – I’m glad I live in an age when child pornography has been exposed. Shirley seems like a really nice woman though so I’m sorry her films are like this, I don’t think she would have realised at the time- her mother though? She should have …

  4. So much was always right in front of us. Cartoons, mysterious symbols, subliminal advertising, disguised sexual content such as this went unnoticed or acknowledged until these days when many of us have awakened.
    Maybe it was better to stay asleep?

  5. Man I had heard of Shirley but I've never seen any films. This Baby Burlesk is some weird, gross shit alright but goes to show you how evil Hollywood has been from the start. It hasn't stopped.

  6. Freemasons



    They run the entertainment industry

    They control the legal system

    Why doesn't anyone talk about it

    They produce this filth

  7. It takes a special kind of monster to sexually exploit children like this and use them as a prop for their own sick pleasure. These are freaking children and these pedos have them acting like adults! Kissing grown ass men, dressing up Shirley like a woman, when she's only a toddler, and having her in suggestive and blatantly sexual scenes! I'm so disgusted! I feel so bad for Shirley for having to live a life like that. The way those men touched her and exposed themselves to her in such a sexual way is absolutely appalling! And the sad part is, this shit STILL happens today in Hollywood! 😠 You think all those famous Disney child stars don't grow up being sexually abused? Ha! Think again!

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