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Autofocus Techniques: Modes for Still and Moving Subjects, and how to use Focus Traps

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  1. Nice video, but one important point is missing: if you use a low f-number, "focus-recomposing" won't work. Your focus tilts if you move the camera (objects of-center are not exactly as far away as objects in the middle). So you would move the object slightly out of focus. On f1.8 for example, you will end up with sharp ears instead of sharp eyes VERY easily. 

  2. Thanks for this. If shooting an continuous focus mode for a moving subject, is it best to also use multi-focus points? If so, should I also use a small aperture (F8 and upwards) to get more of the subject in focus?

  3. With mirrorless cameras on the rise some DSLR photographers are switching or wanting other options than the big DSLR with big full frame lenses. For example, the Fuji XT-1 with the new Firmware V 4.0, current today. Could you do shoots like this to show/highlight what a mirrorless can do vs the DSLR. At the very least I am sure the stationary shots can work well. With Fuji's newest firmware update 4.0 it could be a completely new camera from the last time you reviewed it.

  4. hi Mr.Tony, I have been watching a lot of your videos. in this u say we need to pre focus on grass or something similar before the subject arrives into the scene, half press and then click as the subject arrives. at apertures of 1.8, 2.8 will the subject be in complete focus that way? using that aperture to increase the shutter speed.  also off topic, why is your background overexposed? purposefully done to show the people in light because u are not using any artificial light on yourself?

  5. Tony thanks a lot for your videos,its very understandable and easy.You love what you're doing and we can see that.I bought your book few days ago,very interesting piece of work.Keep up the good work.I will try to suggest your channel to my photo holic friends!

  6. @tony & Chelsea northrup My canon 80D has some focusing issues. It focuses acurately with center autofocus point but with off-center af points it back-focusing a bit . I have never heard off such strange problem before. Can this kind of problem occurs frequetly ? Should i go to canon sevice center ?

  7. Thank you, I will try the focus trap. I would love to get good pictures of my dogs running towards me, but so far it has not worked well in any of the focus modes. It is so frustrating. I am shooting with the Canon 70D, but have only had it for about 7 months or so.

  8. I swear I read a tip in your book (though it's been a while, so I could be wrong) about using continuous focus full time (back button), as that will still allow you to acquire focus for subjects that are still but also ones that may decide to spontaneously move (as your camera is ready for this as it's already in continuous mode). Surprised you didn't mention that in this vid.

  9. I use back button AF and set the focus to continuous servo (AF-C on Nikon). I focus by pressing and releasing the back button. Then I recompose and take the shot. When I photograph fast moving subjects, I hold the back button down while I press the shutter release.

  10. Good thing you aren't trying to teach how to create video. Don't know if anyone noticed, but the background is completely washed out. You know, its not just photos that you need to practice composition.

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