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Arnold Newman, George Shiras & Jacob Riis

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Newman’s haunting portrait of Krupp. Shiras’ stirring wildlife shots. Riis shows us, “how the other half lives.” This week, we discuss how each of these …


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  1. Couple of very different English photographers for consideration.

    Frank Meadow Sutcliffe a Victorian photographer from the north of England.

    Don McCullin, whose work and story is fascinating. The DVD 'McCullin' is a brilliant insight into his life and work.

  2. Jacob Riis must be turning in his grave, all these photo journalist shooting the same boring things: migrants, africans, etc…. in fact, they're neither journalist or artist caus they're not neutral neither bold.

  3. Interesting take on the topic guys. Thanks! BTW Chelsea really looked relaxed and beautiful in this episode. Will look forward to more photographers.

  4. Why do photographer tell other photographers what they should or shouldn't do, or who we should know or not. Every photographer is different .Why should I know any of these photographers? The history of other photographers has nothing to do with me. They have nothing to do with my style of photography, and I am certain none of them care to know me. Only photographer I need to know is myself. Only pictures and art I kneed to worry about is my own. Knowing other photographers is irrelevant. Maybe YOU SHOULD stop making useless videos like this wasting peoples time..Oh, and you both really need to fire who ever does your make up, or, if you do it yourself…hire someone, its hideous.

  5. Stravinsky wasn't a pianist, but one of the 20th century's greatest composers. Beside the framing of the subject, though, is the shape of the piano lid, which looks like a huge 'flat' (as opposed to 'sharp') symbol. The picture is truly remarkable in a number of levels.

  6. you two should have Ted Forbes on the show. if you three did an episode, it could be one of the most informative youtube segments in history. his youtube is @theartofphotography . It would be an amazing collaberation.

  7. These reviews are really interesting and to me some of the best content on You Tube I have seen. Please keep doing more of them. I am not only learning more about the history of photography but who I am as a photographer.

  8. Wow thanks for the great show! Fascinating historical information. I was particularly intrigued by the Jacob Riis story. I never knew who he was except that he had a beach named after him 🙂 Your channel is one of the best out there. Keep up the stellar work!

  9. Great show but what's up with all these constant judgements of people who passed away a long time ago?
    It's should be about their photography not about if they can pass for some kind of a saint.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you two are doing this show! Especially the "Photographers You Should Know" segments. (My suggestion, Sally Mann)
    I had honestly become burnt out on the constant gear/settings/"proper" technique ubiquity. I love you guys and I'm delighted to be excited again about what you two are putting out there.

  11. Regarding your comment about Newman's portrait of Stravinsky "Yeah, most cameras of the day took square pictures"…. What???? Sorry, but for me, this ruined the credibility of the authority of any further commentary on your part and I stopped watching the video after that. Please be careful: people count on you to be informed reliably There are TWO of you, for God's sake. If one partner knows that the other partner isn't putting out correct information, why not subtly put things back on track?

  12. Just seeing this know. Thanks for doing these it's refreshing. As for Jacob Riis and whether the images are staged, yes they are. To survive on the streets in that time, you wouldn't be a deep sleeper, your senses would be acute. The noise involved in setting up the camera gear of the time would definitely have woken them.

  13. Thank you for these informative podcasts! These videos tell the other side of the story, literally what was happening behind the camera. It is amazing how easy it has become to learn and get information freely in this connected world. Thank you guys for all these efforts. Hope to see you one day!

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