Home Photography Are DSLR Cameras DEAD?! (Picture This! podcast)

Are DSLR Cameras DEAD?! (Picture This! podcast)

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  1. Both formats are going to retreat to the fringes of 'professionals and enthusiasts only' under the weight of, admittedly, further improving phone camera issue. Phones are just more convenient. My D7200 will only be leaving my cold dead hand however!

  2. DSLRs Will not as for Brands Sony is the worse, Not for image quality but Build.. I have a very good Friend who worked for Canon for 12 years and Nikon for 15. fixing cameras. He himself is a Fujifilm guy. But I was going to make the switch to Sony and buy Nikon Fmount converter and he said NOOO this was a few months ago so September 2019 … he said that Sony is Crap they break internally and 5 out of 10 Times its not covered.. H convinced me to wait a few years if I need to… he asked have your Video customers went down do to quality or anything els? NO he then said how about that Canon Imagprograph 4000 you have? are you loosing any business their? NO…. he said then why the hell would you want to switch when the top two camera companies will in 3 to 5 years pass Sony with Flying colors do to them breaking down. Very good points… he was also around and fixing cameras as a young part timer when film switched!!! he said anyone who try to even compare this to Film are either paid by a company to Pitch their product or just dont know photography! again this guy replaces a sensor for me for cost of sensor in a few hours… he has a million bodies laying around… he fixes Sony no as he has his own business … im just saying people need to slow down and stop panicking.. It reminds me of when I wanted a FX camera so bad that I didn't care.. he warned me then to when I preordered. the D600 … not that it would be bad but that a median format is just as good…. also for the D500 not to be on that list its ridicules… it is Nikons best DSLR next to the D850 I sold My D400 .. But the D500 not to be on their to me is a bit well WRONG!!! its better then most on that list and affordable .. And how can the D850 be on a top 16 best sellers list when it is pretty much out of stock everywhere as Nikon cant make enough of them hmmmm

  3. Why would someone buy a Canon T6 / T7 when any decent smartphone takes better pictures? Also, many photographers I've spoken to have or will switch to mirrorless. Especially now that evf's are getting better.

  4. Unless I was in new York I wouldn't buy a camera from amazon because they collect tax . B&H and adorama don't.. That is a serious piece of change when when you talk about 4000.00. camera lens flash p

  5. As a working pro I prefer DSLRs, far better ergonomics and both a screen on the back as well as a optical viewfinder. Two screens (back+evf) are just two electronic ways doing practically the same thing while an optical viewfinder ads

  6. Great analysis T&C! I personally remember what happened with film vs digital, when we switch from the 1900's to the 2000's. My advised for the young ones that didn't experience what I'm talking about, DSLR's are film and ML's are digital, read the history of that and you will have a precise prediction of the outcome. My prediction is, that in 2019 we entered in the threshold of the new profesional market, and as a result DSLR's have a maximum of 5 more years. Please, remember my words in 2025. There's no doubt that we have to jump ship, but the question is…to where?…and that my friends is the part that you have to do an educated gamble. Right now Sony has all the cards in their hands, but that could change at any moment.

  7. DSLRs will be to mirrorless what horses were to the automobile industry. Sure, at one point in history, one could point out that there were vastly more horses than cars and that it would be better to stay with the equine industry, but look what happened over time.

  8. Tony… I am shocked to hear you totally forgot about lens adaptors. Sony is far ahead in this. Why are you so hesitant in acknowledging Sony is KING and rules? Canon and Nikon deserve to die as they ignored the signs. You can put a Nikon or Canon lens on a Sony., How about that???? You lost my respect.

  9. Funny how much some people want DSLRs to be "DEAD". Why this hate? Is it because a DSLR has a more beautiful viewfinder, or because it uses less energy, or because it has better ergonomics? Or is it because some channels are heavily sponsored by SONY?

  10. Well, not yet. I don’t know why this question is being asked today, with new models coming out next year, at least. Let’s ask this five years from now. It will be more realistic then. But it will take ten years for it to happen, and there will still be people using the ones they have.

    Pentax is crossing their fingers, because they don’t have the money to correct their mistake of not entering the markets when they could afford to.

    Sony blew it with SACD. Their first player was $10,000 almost 40 years ago. No CD layer to play in a CD player. More expensive. So it never really took off. By the time Sony fixed their errors, including adding multichannel, it was too late. If Sony did it correctly, from the beginning, it would have taken over, because CD manufacturers would have come out with only SACD/CD players, and CD would have gone away.

    Also, you guys are mischaracterizing the camera market. Most people buying more expensive, more complex cameras and lenses are NOT buying them from Amazon. I can tell you this as a fact, as I’m still involved in the industry, and still speak to these people. This is a problem, if you can’t track sales from these other sources. And Canon, for example, are selling full frame mirrorless lenses for high end, even professional bodies, but won’t have a high end body out until early next year. This is a disconnect, again that will be partly fixed next year with lower cost lenses. We expect by the end of 2020, that Canon will have at least 16 full frame mirrorless lenses. The DSLR lenses are well adaptable to their mirrorless bodies.

    The Canon M mount is more popular than Sony in a number of areas, such as Japan. It’s also the fastest growing mirrorless line.

    Nikon introduced a higher end body, but just better quality consumer lenses. Another disconnect. We also expect with Nikon to see about 16 lenses by the end of 2020.

    The Panasonic L mount, really the Leica mount, is very new, and is expensive. Panasonic knows they won’t sell in large numbers. That doesn’t mean it won’t be successful.

    I don’t expect Sony to keep its marketshare in mirrorless. Your assumptions as to marketshare are just your fantasy.

  11. Mirrorless are initially made for bloggers and videographers…but not for serious photographers…
    DSLR's will stay for life…( well what I mean is, it all depend on what area of photography you're doing)…cheers!

  12. Unfortunately I haven't invested my energy into the technical issues of why none of the camera manufacturers didn't use there existing DSLR lens mounts and incorporate using them for mirrorless camera bodies. As a natural progression I'm sure if Nikon had made their lenses interchangeable to fit mirrorless bodies I personally would have purchased a Mirrorless Body to use side by side with my DSLR's instead of adding another body that works with my already considerable investment I already had.
    The tech investment going into phone cameras is staggering plus the connectability to social media has changed the game. For me Nikons SnapBridge should be a world beater but they have dropped the ball bigtime!!!
    Hey Tony your video on Nikons financial forecast was enlightening and I agreed with you 100% about how Nikon should move forward to survivability even if not profitability 👍😎

  13. When using a mirrorless for studio photography, you spend lot's of shots focusing and framing, while with a dslr you just look adjust and done… I have both and prefer the 5D for studio and night photo by far and the M6 mirrorless for street photo photo and daylight

  14. I bought a 5Ds and DF taking advantage of lower prices of DSLR's, I think EF/F lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Zeiss will be available for my needs.

    EOS R/RP, Sony A7/A9 and Nikon Z6/Z7 don't have huge advantages for a photo shooter and the prices of lenses are outrageous. For video, mirrorless has slight advantages, like IBIS.

    Mirrorless isn't the kind of disruption like digital vs film. Sony sells some bodies, because you can use EF/F lenses easily, get IBIS for video and some other cool features.

    So far, it's trendy to dump all DSLR stuff for cheap and buy Sony lenses at hefty prices. I doubt that trend continues long time, unless mirrorless can bring extra profits.

    What Canon and Nikon should do, make a hybrid viewfinder for DSLR's like the Fuji X100, or an EVF accessory like the Leica M9/M10 or EOS M. Add IBIS, and to switch to mirrorless only for shorter flange distances doesn't make much sense.

  15. Thanks for the analysis, it makes sense. I agree with you that Canon should take care of its DSLR customers first instead of playing catching up with mirrorless camera. I think to push out a 75MP pro level EOS RS ahead of high megapixel DLSR like 5DS II/5DSR II is a big mistake. EOS R addresses a much smaller audience and it is ways behind A7R4. 5DSR has not been upgraded for close to five years. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in EF L lenses, and I have been patiently waiting for the 5DSR II to come out for years. I don't really care about Canon's EOS-RS. if I want a mirrorless or if I have to abandon my EF lens anyway, I would go with Sony A7R4 which is way ahead of Canon. I bought my A7 initially as a backup, now I shoot more and more with my A7R3 as the primary. The only reason I still hold down to Canon is I still don't want to abandon my full line of EF L lenses. My patience with Canon is about to run out….. I am sure many of the Canon customers share the same thoughts. Don't let us wait for too long. I would get rid of the whole EF L lens and be done with Canon.

  16. I have been using Nikon camera for 15 yrs , Recently I have bought D850 amazing no comparison over mirrorless, even mirrorless take over still I can use my Nikon F mount Lenses to Mirrorless.

  17. Great analysis. Looking even further down the road, with young people taking photos only with cellphones and GoPros, the future of cameras as we know them does not seem too “bright” to me. Other than niche markets, the “focus” is shifting from great lenses to great editing software in phones – image quality be darned. Think MP3 versus high-fi.

  18. I have an old Sony Alpha DSLR (A mount) and I am looking into replacing it. I know nothing about sales, but my next camera is going to be a (cheap'ish) A mount camera by Sony. I am not a pro, and no way I am going to switch to a whole new system, only because… because… yes, because why? A new Sony Alpha will work just fine for me.

  19. Interesting analysis. I think it omits that (1) it is the buyers of new bodies that are much more likely to buy lenses and (2) the DSLR mounts have extensive 3rd party lens competition which are lacking in the Canon and Nikon mirrorless lineups. Would like to see this analysis updated now in December of 2019. ps: Did Tony's chart not include the Nikon F mount? The "F" on the upper right hand side referred to Fuji APSC, I think.

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