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Apple iPad Reviewed for Photographers – DigitalRev.com

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We take a look at 20 photography apps for the new Apple iPad(http://bit.ly/iPadWifi) and test them out on our brand spanking new iPad. Want to know if the iPad …


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  2. Why is an iPad being reviewed on a channel which is dedicated to photography? If it was something to do with the camera then You should've also done a review for Nokia 808, 920, S3, and many other devices! You've also done a review of the iPhone, what is the point in all this?

  3. You know what they say–"The best camera is the one you have with you." Moreover, not all of the apps mentioned her are for use with the iPad's built-in camera. There are loads of useful iOS (as well other mobile OS) apps that simply assist your photography with a separate, dedicated camera. Right now I'm trying really hard to determine if you're a troll, or just stupid.

  4. Well i do know that and that's exactly why I'm complaining not everyone in the world owns an iPhone or any other apple device, there other smartphone/phone users, why not just make a general video on how to capture great shots with the device you tend to carry everywhere with you?

  5. I just want to mention that yes the best camera is the one that you have on you…but if you have an Ipad on you don't use it to take photos or any tablet for that matter cause you look retarded taking photos with that either A. use your smartphone B. buy a small digital camera or C. get a DSLR and take better pictures, all three of these options give you the ability to look half decent or intelligent rather then a tool or a bag of tools.

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