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  1. So I bought these and I have been having an issue after exporting. Everything looks fine when previewing on the timeline but after I export it sticks the graphic at the bottom right for a few seconds and then it jumps back to where I had moved it to. I double checked for any rouge keyframes but did not see any. I'm on a 1080 sequence. What can I do to make these work, they're pretty awesome!

  2. I am confused. In the video it´s says that you do not need After Effects (which I don´t have). However, when I went to purchase the pack, it says that you must have After Effects. Please help clarify! Thank you!

  3. I can't find the "Motion Graphics Templates" folder in the finder … What do I do ?
    I had previous versions from the Adobe Softwares, but meanwhile I'm using CC! The folder "Adobe" is still from 2016 … Why ?

  4. Hi! I use your titles on a windows machine. But it dosen't have the Helvetica and Helvetica Bold font. The font has to be bought to work on a win machine, not like on a mac where it is preinstalled.

    Is it possible to get the titels for windows with Ariel font instead?


    Jøran Ingvaaldsen

  5. For windows users like me:

    Step 1: Window key + R

    Step 2: In the RUN box, type: AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Motion Graphics Templates/

    Step 3: drop the MH files in here

  6. Hey Matti, love the animated titles. I purchased them a few months ago and want to use them in a project today. I am having an issue in premiere. When I render them they move to the lower right hand part of the frame. Unrendered they're fine. Has anyone mentioned this? Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

  7. I bought the Audio Preset Pack, and the Motion Graphics Pack today. Love the Audio one. Trying to use the Motion Graphics templates now. But there is only a few I can move position on! 😩😩😩😩 Like all the Line Wipes, there is no position option for the lines, only for the texts. Which doesn't make sense? So basically when I try to move most of them, to for example lower left corner, only the text will be moved. Any solution to this? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Hello Matti,
    Thanks for you awesome videos,
    I just have one problem! I can't drag the template from the essential graphic panel to the timeline! it doesn't work! what should I do?

  9. Hey Matti, I know you're very busy and might not see this, but when using these title Premiere say's I haven't got the fonts installed on my computer. How can I get the same title? Thanks in advance!

  10. i did love your channel until i realise that you try to sell your stuff in every video you made.. there is people that give it for free and thats the way to get suscribers now days……

  11. hey mattttiii just purchases this but this is really giving me a headache moving them in a frame like putting on the corners or stuff or resizing the whole thing is there a tut on that or can you please tell me if it can be done on premiere and how

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