Home Photography Animal Eye AF is here, but… (Sony a7 III/a7R III Firmware Update)

Animal Eye AF is here, but… (Sony a7 III/a7R III Firmware Update)

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READ THE PINNED COMMENT OR DESCRIPTION SONY FANBOYS We test the new animal eye AF feature added in the latest firmware updates to the Sony …


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  1. I took it to the zoo recently with the Zeiss 24-70 f4 and animal eye after wasn't too bad. You are spot on though it did go for the closest thing so I would suggest small spot not expandable to prevent any miss focus

  2. A lot of y'all fail to realized you're seeing a video of the dog instead of actually seeing the dog IRL. Since it's a video with the dog's eye out of focus, ofc you won't be able to see the eye. But pretty sure the dogs eye is noticeable IRL and Tony just wants to be able to capture it. Stop complaining about the dogs eye if you haven't considered this else go see the doctor

  3. Anybody knows where can I set the freaking Eye AF on A7R??? I am really frustrated not being able to even try if it exists on this camera… It never worked or showed up on my a7iii either.

  4. This video made my gonads ascend so far back inside my body not even the Hubble telescope could focus on them, even though it has the most advanced testicular focus system in the known galaxy. Perhaps this can be fixed in a future firmware update?

  5. Seriously? Dude this is not a rational review. It is also an example of why I don't follow your channel any more. Try a re-test using a NON-MOP dog, the type most of us have. Get back to us when you're ready…

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