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AnalogRev: Hasselblad Love

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In this video, Kai meets Mark Chung to renew his love for Hasselblad and talks about what makes the V-series cameras so special. But it’s not all plain-sailing.


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  1. He doesn't know shit.I worked for years with a Hassleblad.They were state of the art but you had to know how to use one .Today it's point,shoot&photoshop.150 proofs for a wedding&you better get 150😎

  2. You sold your Hasselblad "Years Ago" and now it feels like a "New Experience" again? You look like you've just come out of your teens!

    What the fuck!? How old are you?

    If I had the choice when I first bought mine, I'd have gone for the Bronica SQ-A, similar size, half the price, just (almost) as good. Maintenance, system and the lenses are a money pit for Hasselblads, more than likely down to the brand name alone.

    P.s God, Jesus 2:05 Please, just step away from these cameras. My skin crawled. 9:20 Boss however.

  3. Most of your videos are waist of time man!! They just showing you walking around with the items that you reviewed!! Can you please be more practical with the items that you review instead of yourself?!
    Thanks man !

  4. You loaded film wrong, goes under metal tab so it doesn't hang up while putting in the back. Also you left loose paper wrap inside ? Come on man ! You are fun to watch though ! LarryMac

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