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  1. I was one of those people in a precious video that said you were a CN copycat. And you know what, you are right. We all use what other people do to inspire ourselves to do something. Do what makes you happy and keep creating amazing content. This is my go to channel so I’ll be one of the first, or the first to apologize!

  2. Very nicely spoken about the comparing yourself with others. It's true. I also tend to compare myself with you and Peter, but in a good way. More like, you guys are inspiration for how to live like you want! I'm not into blogging but i love the way you think about life! Cheers!

  3. I don’t see how Casey, Peter, and Matti are similar. They both bring different attributes to film making. I guess people are really just hating on these guys. Oh well! Can’t please everyone!

  4. I love and I admire both of you for who you are, it does not matter if you are inspired by Casey or whoever, you are original, insistent and everything you do is beautiful and inspiring for me. I'm sure Casey also admires the work you do 😀

  5. For someone like me who is just barely starting to take being a "YouTuber" seriously
    and make entertaining videos just for the sake of them being entertaining, this was honestly my biggest problem.
    Thinking that my videos are a copycat of someone else.
    I watch other YouTubers and may see an idea I like and use it but add my own little twist to it.
    But in the end I would always have that thought, "I'm probably copying casey or peter or matti" and eventually delete the idea.

    I appreciate your words on this and its helping get over that idea! Thanks for making great videos man! appreciate you!

  6. Well said Peter! Life is too short to be miserable all the time – I know a few people who are only truly happy when they are making everyone else around them miserable too – it IS a complete waste of time on soooo many levels…

  7. Hilarious. Just today I was thinking of a vlog intro for tomorrow and had the idea of making coffee, then remembered Peter and was all "Oh I can't do that, I'd be copying Peter" You guys rock man, and I mean that. These little insights you put out are where it's at. Thanks

  8. Awesome video! Makes me feel more comfortable to be inspired by someone else and produce content. Sometimes it’s easy to worry – if I show myself breaking for coffee will people say I copied Peter? Doesn’t matter. He inspires me to be myself when I’m on camera and we both like coffee. It’s their problem not mine. Thanks Matti!

  9. Boosted board! Another casey wanna be! Nah just kidding. I actually discovered you and peter first before casey. And I think you guys are totally different. There are obvious casey copycats out there but you and peter are totally different.

  10. Love your content Matti! Would love (from a Swedish point of view) to see more of what Canada have to offer and crazy collabs with different kind of creators 🙌🏼 you stepped up your game latley, and I love it 🙏🏼

  11. I just watched your video about using camera angles to tell a story. When I watched the part where Peter explains his take on comparing yourself to others, I immediately remembered why you used that angle. It definitely gave Peter more authority when explaining…not that he needs it but it really brought more power to his words. Thanks for your tutorials, Matti! I'm really learning a lot!

  12. Casey Neistat is the guy who created a personal style of making Vlogs. I doubt you find one before him that filmed his vlogs on a speedy boosted board over the streets, among other vehicles, while holding with one hand, a big, heavy camera and a gorilla pod, while drinking juice with the other hand. Among other things. There´s thousands of people now trying to copy his style, but I don´t see it as a bad thing. Woody Allen copied and still copy Frederico Fellini movie style, and he´s proud of that.

  13. Thanks for all the good words and videos! I'm so agree with you and Peter in this conversation about comparison. Keep up the amazing job it is to give us followers so many videos 👍💪😀

  14. I learn a lot from you guys (you, Peter and Casey) and use them with my own innovative ideas in my Vlogs. Does that mean I am a copy cat? No, I am a good student. Check out my Vlogs If you understand hindi

  15. Omg, seriously? People seem to have nothing to do in their lives. OMG you both like filming AND skating? That's a major scandal!!!!!1!!!11111 😀 Haha, the only thing I know is that I am so jealous because you have a boosted board. I rode one last summer an it is SO much fun. And way too expensive for me, haha

  16. Amen When i was 14 I was in a play, and I received my first poor review. (there were others 🙂 ) I was so bummed out, but at the time i was more worried about what others would think. I had a mentor then, and he asked me what was wrong. I told him every thing. He smiled and said I have two things to say. 1. Its none of your business what others think, and you should practice not caring, you will never live up to anybody's expectations. 2. This one will bother you a little. You would be greatly disappointed how little people are thinking about you. By the next day your review was lining the bird cage. Get on with it kid. Your the one who got up on that stage and went for it, your going to win some and loose some, but didn't you have the time of your life trying, while every one sat on there asses, nice and safe. Since then, I have been going for it my whole life. Sure its been hard, real hard some times, how ever, I cant imagine it any other way. Peoples feeling and opinions are fleeting, what you think about your self is for a life time. Thank you HH, for reminding me of my mentor. Folks you do you. Casey does him self, and nothing he has done he didn't read in a book. Be careful how much you care about your reviews.

  17. 1st: totally agree; I think that there are more than 7 billions way to live because everyone on earth has his own environment, friends, influences so it's actually impossible to be (even similar) like someone else… Just an example, Peter drinks coffee as an American does: long coffe, long pause, etc. but if I'm going to do the same for my videos in my country it will end up to be a totally different thing because I'm in Italy and here the coffee is super-short and the place where you drink it is a "bar" and not a café, and we spend 30 seconds to drink it ;). But even if I was in Canada my life could be so different to the one of Peter that the total composition of my videos will result different. The only way somebody could seems a "wannabe" is that he has an "empty" life so the results of a content he makes could seems an imitation. Love your channel buddy, cheers!!!

  18. Matti, I never commented before, but this one is worthy. Of course you know this, don't worry about the haters. I want a boosted board too! You are the man, and in ways, I want to imitate you too. We all add our own style. To call it copying, is the wrong word.

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