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  1. @petermckinnon @mattih @brandonwoelfel @sorelleamore @lindablacker

    Ok. I see you. I see your talent but beyond that I see experience, technique. I see skill acquired over a long career. I know you are brilliant with digital photography, lenses and editing… with photoshop, Adobe elements and colour science but I want to set you a challenge!

    Are you up for a challenge a real nerve shredding, nail biting, brain scratching challenge?
    I am challenging you and some of your fellow photographers, Vloggers and planet hopping story tellers to an
    ‘Analogue film camera challenge!’

    That’s right! You heard me!
    Here’s the deal.

    1. Beg, borrow or steal an analogue 35mm film camera.
    2. Load the camera with a film of your choice, colour, monochrome either is fine. The speed of film is also fine BUT ONLY 24 Shots!
    3. Take the best selfie you can muster mister or sister. A selfie that reflects who you are and reveals something about you.
    4. Develop the film and put the results on a disc. That’s it.
    No digital tampering with the picture between development and post! This is important or the whole thing is off. I trust you will follow this thing through as it’s only your reputation on the line so no biggy. 😊 plus it will be fun as get to shoot a whole roll of film and pick the best one.
    Don’t forget to video your experience for YouTube and let your subscribers vote for the winner. What a collaboration video that will be!

    That is all please pass this challenge to whoever you deem worthy and add their name at the top of the list.
    Good luck.

  2. RIP pizza toast. Good travel vid brother. You may not be able to tell us what you are filming but as a working videographer I would love to know how the lead came to book your services? Awesome stuff!! @Matti Haapoja

  3. Loved this video! Something about it was kind of hilarious : ) Also, I'd love for you to do a collab with Iz and Johnny Harris, that would be great!

  4. Good to see another MATTI video. Keep up! It's actually you and Peter MCKINNON'S tutorial who helped me the most in leveling up my skills in shooting. Thanks a lot man and more power!

  5. To make sure we had time to visit it, we got up early and arrived at 6am. Had the place to ourselves but damn it was so cold and windy getting out! Unfortunately when we were there tourists had used the changing sheds as toilets (absolutely disgusting).

  6. Hey Matti, I’ve always wondered while watching your videos… what hair product do you use to keep your haircut perfectly in shape? I have the same haircut but I’ve yet to find a product that would work as well as it seems to work for your hair!

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