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A Great Day in Hollywood | Netflix

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A Great Day in Hollywood is inspired by “A Great Day in Harlem” – A moment that captured the spirit of New York City, the center of the jazz world, in 1958 at a …


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  1. Nope.. today is the biggest black deception… Jesus loves you all and is coming soon, baiting beautiful black people by giving them dream positions just close enough to the final chapter is the final play. Black Panther kick start this move. Please don't buy into this satanic upside down movement. The Me too (when real females who need help aren't getting the support from this organization), the Time's Up ( when they could've chosen a brighter colour to represent "liberation" if that's what it truly was, when in fact it's the colour black, the "funeral/death" of their chosen time to deny God/Jesus and promote their One World Religion/Government and Fake Peace/Love and Antichrist light hence Beyonce/JayZ s "Everything is Love" (Not true as true love is pure goodness and light, void of darkness and is not corrupt/black and white/ ying and yang as satan promoted since the garden) and ariana grande's (god is a woman) pure blasphemy, using art per usual to endorse dark occultic practices into the world and decrease God's light and truth! In a few years darkness has grown, through media, music and mainstream. LGBT using the same rainbow symbol (in scriptures says God symbolized as Him not causing floods to destroy the world and its wickedness/same sex open debauchery now welcomed as "gay parades"/ (I don't say that at all to be hateful as God knows I love you all but to say in truth and real love that its become more a stage and showcase than a private choice, purposefully orchestrated by its governing bodies), the self obsession through selfies/self promotion/self alterations, hustling (money hungry) and a tremendous increase in vanity (Scriptures says last days, men will be great lovers of themselves etc). The world doesn't need more vain people walking pass the needy or not making time to visit people in prisons or pulling out their camera phones to watch violence rather than helping. Jesus was and is the only one speaking truth that we are indeed spirit beings, being obsessed with your own ego as light will never help you acknowledge God and others in REAL, LONGLASTING LOVE… thinking you alone can get you into heaven by good works cannot because all have fallen short of the holy goodness of light and love that is God. We are all sinners, we need perfected light. That's why Jesus died.. to reconcile us to Father God! Wake up people! This is the devil's matrix system.. designed for you to destroy yourself whereas God wants to save you. Get rid of your ego, Jesus loves you… this is His free gift to you. Time to soar above the flesh and truly be free… the devil doesn't want you to have relationship with Jesus, he doesn't mind religion and going to church. It's the relationship and actually reading and BELIEVING the truth about Jesus in the Word he doesn't want. Wake Up my black, beautiful people…. we are indeed in the last days… many are called but few are chosen.. wide is the road leading to destruction and many there be that follow it. Which road are you on? We do go somewhere when we die. Just as we don't spend forever in our mother's womb, one transistion into the next! The Mark of the Beast and Antichrist is coming soon… without true belief and love of Jesus, many will compromise their salvation in Him for food and water as to buy and sell everyone will need that mark . Jesus says who will save his own life will lose it and who will lose his life for Jesus' sake shall save it. That takes guts, just as Paul and Jesus' disciples. This ain't no cookie cutter Christian walk, we're getting ready for the real last days changes! Read the Bible especially the New Testament yourselves so you'll have the heads up and get ready. I say this in all the love of God! See things for exactly what they are… Wake Up!

  2. AMAZING. Now I want to see this type of representation for Asians, Latinos, native Americans, Muslim Americans, and every other race, religion, Creed, sexuality and gender identity! Let's keep moving everyone forward! 👍🏽

  3. It is so so sad just how stupid and lost black Americans are as a group of people.

    Constantly wanting to show others that being black is something special, they make these stupid movies and shows they make them look even worse than in the beginning.

    You don’t find any other race or ethnic group of people making stupid comments about themselves and doing stupid things to try to garner attention for themselves.

  4. everyone talking bout caleb and im here trying to figure out who the girl in the yellow is at 0:27 shes gorgeous 😍😍
    (ive seen her face but idk what in🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

  5. All promoting being low-balled, hoodwinked, high jacked, bamboozled, manipulated by and to help create light on the white supremacist agenda! We see right through you. We can clearly see the strings.

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