Home Photography A good ole PM VLOG…. in the arctic.

A good ole PM VLOG…. in the arctic.

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  1. Hello Peter McKinnon a quick question… What is the graphic, style, animation you use on your text animations at. 0:26
    BODO, NORWAY and at 6.37 MANNSHAUSEN, NORWAY. Its super cool thanks

  2. I have a question. I have canon 7d with battery grip and canon eos r . Planning to buy battery grip for eos r but my canon 7d has a space between tge body and the grip and i am afraid that in snow like condition or bad weather moisture will get inaide the battery compartment. I want to know that wether thre is a space between the camera body and battery grip or not. Thanks in advance , love from texas

  3. Peter, What kind of polarization filter do you use. Because your shots through the gkass windows are super crisp and have no reflection, what so ever. Can someone please help me out?

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