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9 Photos Everyone Should Stop Posting on Instagram

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What a joy it is to look at photos on social media. But there are some photos that just annoy the crap out of people when seeing them clogging up their home …


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  1. A way to avoid being annoyed by crap photos…. don't look at stupid social media sites to start with! Those people with a distorted perception of their importance in the world (I'm talking about Kim, Kylie, Khloe and Kendall) can post all the selfies they want because real people with better things to do in their day don't waste their time looking at that vapid crap.

  2. When someone recently has a kid, then floods your entire news feed with photos of them, then tags you in all of them so you get notifications for every comment etc…

  3. I don't know… of course I'm guilty of some of these, but my personal pet peeve is when people take artsy photos then pair it off with a deep caption that's actually nothing but shallow chatter. Like, "Oh I'm gonna do a jumpshot selfie" then, "My caption will be the meaning of life + the answer to world hunger".

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