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8 Levels of Photographer

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Photography…we all start off as a noob, and there are levels of photographer that reach, want to get to…or just happen to be by doing not much. These are the 8 …


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  1. #nekroposting
    honorable mentions: the maniac, lv5.5, subspecies of the hobbyst recognizable for the enlarged gear.
    Can operate camera properly and uses it mostly to spy neighbours, couples at parks, etc.
    Often justifies his flashy gear with birdwatching and other nature photography lies.
    -6k $ tele ain't cheap.

  2. I'm a hard core lvl 5 for two weeks, I bought my 40 years old 1.4 prime about then.
    Ever since I've got it I have taken 5 photos and watched 270 videos like this just to get better. Damnit.

  3. am i a gear geek with just an entry level dslr but still just wanting at least one 70-300mm lens in addition to my kit lens? sure id prefer all focal ranges in primes but i cant shit money

  4. Requirements for promotion to each level:

    Level 1: visit a photography exhibit.
    Level 2: get a book on photography.
    Level 3: get a digital point and shoot camera and a superzoom camera.

    Level 4: get a DSLR camera, get your work critiqued, and learn Photoshop.
    Level 5: have 500 followers on social media.

    Level 6: book a photoshoot gig.
    Level 7: have 1000 followers on 2 social media platforms. Have an income of $2000 from gigs and stock photos.
    Level 8: book a gig with a fashion agency or the like.

    With each level, all photographers up to the level immediately below will respect you.

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