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70D Overview Training Tutorial

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  1. hello my name is jason i was looking at your video on canon 70d , this is the camera i own . i brought a tamron 16 / 300 zoom . can i use this lens for portrait photography .
    what lens would be best for wild life , sigma 150 / 600 0r tokina 80 / 400 lens

  2. I have learned to understand my camera with this tutorial, since I have been struggling for over 2 months with my freaking  Canon 70D.  I will buy the book . All the other tutorials suck. Thanks.

  3. What an awesome tutorial, Tony. I learned a few things about my 70D. Thank you! If you have any suggestions for a wide angle fast lens for interior real estate videos, I'd love to hear them. Thanks again.

  4. Nå har jeg hatt dette kamera i to år. Har prøvd å feile og lykkes med kamera.. Nå var jeg klar for ny læring og gikk inn på YouTube. Nå har jeg lært mer. Enda mer.Så nå blir det en ny start. særlig når jeg kom dypere inn i menyen. For meg gikk det for fort i forklaringene,men det er jo pauseknapp så jeg fikk god tid på meg.Tusen takk for god forklaring. Hilsen Inger Karin

  5. As relative newcomer who has had a Canon 70D for about a year, I've learned more from this excellent video in 40 minutes than from a plethora of other sources. Excellent video. many thanks Tony.

  6. Thanks Tony. I'm a seasoned Olympus user but a friend recently asked me to help him to understand his Canon 70D which he bought five years ago and has never used. I'll refer him to your channel after I have run through the basics. Will also recommend your books 🙂

  7. I've just been given a loan of a 70D for a month from a friend who has a 5DS as her main camera. As my first DSLR, minus manual(!), this overview was invaluable. Many thanks.

  8. Hi Sir Tony, I am Daniel Vizmanos from the Philippines. I just want to tell that you’re just an amazing teacher. All you say were very clear and understandable. You are the best!

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