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7 TIPS For Beginner FILMMAKERS – John Burton

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This video was edited by John Burton who is one of the 6 finalists for the #hiremematti search for my editor. Make sure to check out the other 5 and vote for your …


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  1. The most Unique editing style of all the submissions absolutely loved this just in case you don’t get this opportunity I really hope You start your own channel would love to hear your tips on editing!

  2. This has actually been a VERY interesting experiment on the power of the Thumbnail. If you look at the number of views on each of these videos and then compare the thumbnails you'll see a CLEAR trend. The ones with the silhouettes and questions marks all got about the same amount of views. The ones with actual faces had higher numbers.

    I think part of it has to do with confusion thinking you already watched one of the videos. It was much more difficult to know if I had already watched the ones with silhouettes than the ones with faces I could remember and recognize. I had to read and remember each persons name on the silhouettes to know if I had clicked on it already. By far love this one over any of the others, crossing my fingers you pick him.

  3. In all honesty, this guy should be your editor. His sound design is very good and all his timings are on point. On top of that, he is a very likable guy when in front of the lens. Hope he gets chosen. All the best.

  4. the editing is really good and to make the video this fast with the sound effects and kinda gives me a vibe to complete it, this video has long script so the editing was on point ..
    in my opinion the color grading needs to tweaked a little bit , i think the shadows is real dark than usual , and the colors between the clips have a big difference that u cannot say its the same video .. but to me this was the best editing and i really like it You have my vote John

  5. OKC reppin'!
    John, so crazy that you made it into the final thunderdome and are from OKC!
    Your color grading was on point, and I also thought your choice for B-roll music was spot on.
    I think you maybe should have showed a little more physical enthusiasm in the cuts to you, to kind of match Matti's energy, especially because you seem pretty emotionally excited for this opportunity, I just didn't see it on camera.

    I'd love to meet up sometime and grab a coffe or buy you lunch to just chat also.
    Hit me up anytime here on YT or on IG (TraveltheDan)
    Good luck on the thunderdome and I'm rooting for you!

  6. Thanks so much for the amazing 7 tips Matt. Loved the editing by John Burton. Congratulations on winning the contest to be able to edit this video. I hope you continue to be able to edit more of his videos, and others' too.

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