Home Photography 60p VS 120p Can YOU spot the difference?!?

60p VS 120p Can YOU spot the difference?!?

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  1. I only got 5 right but the loved ❤️ the “free-fall,” can’t remember the name atm, at the end of your short “60 fps tutorial” to get the 🥞 (that’s supposed to be “buttery” not “pancake-y” shot); who’d ever say pancake-type analogies other than an IHOP employee) but that’s the ONLY butter/buttery emoji; thanks Apple 👎

  2. According to my "Stats for Nerds" overlay, this entire video is "1920×1080@24" so I have no idea what this guy is on about. Or am I simply plain wrong about how Youtube's video information function works? And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I've seen the quality setting for some Youtube videos having a 60 FPS notation when the video was indeed at or available in, 60 FPS.

    Kinda seems like the uploader should have addressed this in the video and since it is not done; I call bogus.

  3. I shoot mainly 60 when I am doing slow mo. Sometimes I will do a very quick motion to make my own in camera speed ramp instead of dealing with in in post if that makes sense. It's all about what you're trying to achieve. Great video as always.

  4. I got them all right omg. I think it's because I shot on 60p because I don't have a camera that shot 120p (and I want it so badly), most of my shots are slowmo all the time, I think that's why I'm used to identify it 😂

  5. Quite a head scratched…. that you would use the term P and opposed to fps. I see that I'm not the only one. Peter, normally I hang on you ever word but this is baffling to say the least. Just saying. Why would you do that? Just curious.

  6. I so needed this video! I have been struggling to figure out what my first camera was going to buy, and the hang up has been the 120 frames! THANK YOU! Also I only missed one, but I don't think I would of known there was a difference in the clips unless you told me ahead of time.

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