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60MP 8k Sony? Portrait Photo Review & CHIT CHAT w/guest Photographer Sam Schannon! (TC LIVE)

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  1. Maybe there's something wrong with my camera (maybe a light leak from the repair?). Even a full sized image doesn't look half as good a 3:1 as that "low res" micro 4/3 image of the clown.

  2. I was surprised to find I was as excited as I was to see my comment in a video 33:30. That's said it really was a good video just felt bad saying it was a favorite when your educational videos really are my favorites. PS buying the book and hoping to get one of the sloppy autographs!

  3. Tony, you better not let Moose Peterson find out that you'd be cropping "critter" photos taken with the 60MP Sony camera. That's disrespecting "the craft" and just plain lazy!

  4. Min43_ Theres exactly one really good reason for me to have a beautydish: the grids. They are tighter and much more effektive than the fabric grids on softboxes and collapsible beautydishes. They can get you pitchblack shadows on a white wall and turn it interesting

  5. Love the vids but kinda pushing Sam and Chelsea presets that's fine and im glad you guys are doing good you have helped my photography a lot soon to be released lol good luck you guys rock

  6. 60mp seems reasonable. Word is Canon are going for 75mp in an upcoming R equivalent of the 5DS/R, and of course Fuji are going for 100mp in the next (barely) medium format, and I don't think the supporting tech has advanced enough to make those sizes practical. 60mp sounds like a good compromise between a significant increase over the current model while not out-pacing the lenses, processor, write speeds, buffers, software…

  7. Watching your vids for understanding my daughter of 8yo. She is taking pictures with her camera ( she is not allowed to have a smartphone right now) all the time. Although your vids are way out of her understanding, what are general good tips for a child to pursue taking better pictures than point and click and hope for the best? She is rocking a casio exilim right now. Its really fun to see her point of perspective and seeing her pictures! I hope she keeps up taking photos! Thx!

  8. 8k res video. Mmmmm. One thing that's bad is no one having an 8k monitor to actually see it. Or else what's the point. It takes time ngl, but it's just like when 4k was a first introduced. I have a 4k monitor and I know that I'll never go back to anything FHD, it's day and night. But when you use it, you'll probably be like nah, I don't need 4k. But when you go back to a FHD, you'll want 4k back

  9. I have 20MP camera on my phone and with hacked latest google camera app, with the night mode it takes breath taking pictures!
    So hey, it was damn time to see more megapixels in photocameras, especially Full frame which started to be silly with 24mp for so many years!
    Right about damn time to move forward!
    I'm still using Sony a7RmkI, because 36mp are FANTASTIC, much closer to what an eye can actually see.
    And on 4k screen (which sooner or later anyone will have) 36mp contains much much more detail than 24mp.
    Look at Huawei Mate 20Pro! Look at the Iphone ZDepth technology! Smartphones are catching up!
    Hello.. Canikon? Where are you?

  10. Ok. That claim that just because a camera is 60 MP the pictures will be blurry is untrue. The blurriness of the pictures is exactly the same for any given common output size assuming all the other parameters are the same ("shakiness", shutter speed, focal length). What will be different is what you see if you zoom in to 1:1. So that shake that isn't visible at 24MP would not show up on a 60 MP sensor when output to the same size (24MP). However, zoom in to 60 MP at 1:1 and you might see something that is impossible to see at 24 MP. However, it will never be worse than the 24 MP native image.

    What, of course, is if you do require sharpness at 60 MP then you have to use tripods, avoid any source of vibration and so on. That's already true with a 42 MP sensor, just a bit more so here. The fact is that at 42 MP hand-held shots are rarely absolutely sharp at pixel level, but they won't look any more blurry than a 24 MP image at the same output size.

  11. Mega Mega Mega, when will it all end? Please do a video explaining the complex issue of… Sensor size, versus pixel size, resolution, signal to noise, and why packing more pixels on a sensor requires better glass and at the same time requires lens and body stabilization, lowers dynamic range, all this crazy photo-chemistry…Is this why Sony has focused on stabilization technology and glass to resolve these issues while packing sixty, eighty, one hundred megapixels on a FF sensor????

  12. Oh, and will I need to buy a supercomputer to keep up with the ravenous hunger for bandwidth and processing power for these eight/ten K super high resolution devices? Maybe I should just settle back to film and buy a polaroid?

  13. tony, new computers are MUCH more fast than old computers. If you're building your computer, which i know is a lot, it can be exceptionally fast. The problem, though, is that for high megapixel you would have to specifically build a pc for that work flow, which is just impractical. That being said, sony pushes the photography world further and further and I love it. Just wish canon would follow suit and create the best camera we've seen in years

  14. People buy new computers and dont know what Is in them or what any of it actually does. My computer from 2011 handles my 5dsr pics just fine….you just need an SSD. Every photographer that is scared of high megapixel cameras know nothing about computers.

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