Home Photography $6,000 CAMERAS in a KAYAK? 😲

$6,000 CAMERAS in a KAYAK? 😲

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  1. Loved the shot of the Blue Heron . I've photographed them many times but your camera and lens are several orders of magnitude better than what I've been using. Have new camera and lens now so I'll keep trying.

  2. These type of video’s are in my opinion what viewers really want to see, the connection to you guys becomes very powerful and we feel more like friends, the studio live chats are necessary but this casual on location approach brings with it a breath of fresh air and it’s my opinion these this type of approach will take your already brilliant subscription base to a whole new level! It’s amazing how just seeing you guys out in the field makes for a much better connection for you audience. Keep up the great work both of you, you guys are doing a fantastic job by inspiring so many new photographers to get out there and take their hobbies to the next level! Your YouTube channel is by far the best there is out there and covers a wide range of comprehensive detailed information for photographers from beginner to advanced!

  3. You guys are INSANE! I don't think I'd be willing to risk such nice camera equipment, especially if I could get similar pictures using a drone and contain the risk. But you are both brave souls 😉

  4. Dang you guys! Now I "need" a kayak! lol Great vid! Put sliced cheese on salami and microwave about 15 sec and add mustard and lettuce & bread ofc -pretty good! More vids please!

  5. I have been photographing wildlife with my Canon 7D II w/ 500mm F4.5 lens from a kayak for nearly 10 years. It is very addictive. The reward of outstanding photos out weighs the risk!

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