Home Photography 5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III: Landscape Photography (with tips!)

5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III: Landscape Photography (with tips!)

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Sample raw files at http://sdp.io/5DSRLandscapeSamples We test the Canon 5DS-R vs the 5D Mark III and D810 for sharpness, dynamic range, and high-ISO …


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  1. Finally someone actually tested one's older glass with the 50 megapixel sensor which I had done myself and have written several times about the fact that with a high res sensor those supposedly lesser lenses have plenty of resolution and thus the 5DSR can upgrade all that glass you already own. It is easily proved so don't be suckered into buying a set of new lenses until you check your own stable of lenses as I have done finding in my case at least that every lens I have were far superior on the new body.

  2. Hey wait a minute at the end of the video you referred to the 5D5SR as having the same essential body and guts and screen etc as the 5 D 3… Not so! It has a geared and motorized mirror for low vibration with timing to separate mirror and shutter to further dampen vibrations and quietness, it has as well screen LCD and led data on screen, a substantially reinforced bottom plate and so forth along with two high speed CPUs for data crunching the huge files…so come on!!! Not the same camera at all but lucky for us, it is a familiar professional camera and the screen? What is the difference? So it is not an iPhone quality on its back. A touch screen on a crazy heavy camera like this? I would drop it myself. So this photographer is super content with what I have here myself and the pictures are extraordinary which in the end is the bottom line of course.

  3. Love your vids guys. I just picked up a D810, super stoked! I tried the GH5 but the photos were just meh, loved the video though. Back to Nikon i go, i try to leave and get sucked right back in.

  4. Kinda seems unfair to me that the 5DSR's resolution got axed for the comparison against the III and D810, which is the whole point of the 5DSR. It still seems pricey to me, but if you want a no frills camera purely for still shots then the 5DSR is the camera to get. The 5DSR looks better whilst pixel peeping at the same resolution. I can only imagine how capable it'd be at 50MP with one of Canon's top lenses.

    Nikon might have a better DR, but honestly, how many people are actually going to under/over expose as bad as these tests try to show?

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