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5 Tricks to INSPIRE photos

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  1. Weather is my motivation. When it gets what everyone else calls, "Crappy", that is when I'm out. Rain, snow, tornado. (Yes, I'm careful). I love getting the image that is missed cause the other guy is sitting inside by the fire with a coffee and a warm blanket on his lap. Viva le difference.

  2. I understand your Tipps and will make use of them.

    I would like to share some of my ideas: go with someone else, you can do a workshop or Photowalk which are offered by your local store and just go out together. Or go with your friends and take photos together. Do something else then photography. It could be a new hobby or something creative and then bring your photography into that to share your passion. Connecting hobbies is great and you will always find a way to connect them. I managed to connect my love for headphones with my hobby 3D printing.

    Right now I am learning about alternative processes and a lot of technical history of photography. And without having taken a single exposure yet, I have learned about digital stills and made progress with my shots.

    Explore something new by limiting yourself. Is kind of what you meant by perfecting one trait. For me it's doing black and white right now. I set my camera to a creative style with added contrast and sharpness as well as black and white. I am beginning to see he world differently. And my two days in running with a black and white camera has changed my views on color grading video.

  3. Great tips, Chelsea. I just got a new Canon M50, because I wanted a small camera. I'm looking for things to shoot–I'm a beginner. I will definitely use these ideas. I also just got the book SDP, and so far I love it. I even spent two hours yesterday editing the photos in my computer, based on what I learned in the first two chapters. You two are the best. Thanks!

  4. Hello Chelsea,great video Thanks, just got back into taking photos after doing videos for a long time, so ready to get some great shots,last camera I had was a 35mm film,have a super week,your videos help me out thanks.

  5. Thanks Chelsea! I'm relatively new to photography. Still using a bridge camera! But I'm enjoying what I do. I seem to be specialising in macro photography. I think your idea of studying a particular photography artist that inspires you is awesome by the way!😁

  6. This is by far my favorite video of you Chelsea! It seems you were really excited about this video. It shows! Just bought your book and am looking forward to seeing what you guys have for inspiration. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks so much for this video.. I always wondered what is it that’s inspires someone’s photos. It’s a great insight..I would like to learn more about Gordon parks. He seems like a very powerful photographer.

  8. I agree about #5….a muse….mine happened to be Monet and I used his soft way of painting as inspiration to shoot my cat, Spanky. I learned so much applying his early morning light and staying in my own yard/garden. Great ideas and I've done 4 out of the 5. Because of photographing my cat our local Humane Society and Dog Shelter ask that I produce a calendar for them. Done….now moving on with other areas of interest and hope to keep practicing like Chelsea says.

  9. Hi there. I just came across this video. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed it and this has definitely inspired me to get focused. (Yes, a useful pun.) 😎👍 Cheers to you both.

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