Home Photography 5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

5 Top Film Cameras for Under $1000 feat. JapanCameraHunter

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We met up with Bellamy Hunt aka JapanCameraHunter to get his top 5 picks for classic film cameras (http://amzn.to/1uedLqW, http://amzn.to/1svFvsM, …


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  1. PPP Camera Repairs, on Instagram, fixes the Contax G2 and other Contax cameras. Check him out if you’re interested in the G2 but are worried about not being able to get it fixed if it breaks.

  2. Yer man does camera equipment reviews, with critiques of af speed etc. All balls of course. His cameraman of choice here seems very uncomfortable with any kind of sharp focus on a subject. Fast edits brush over the content too… quickly … and stuff

  3. I feel these two guys got together just to pick each other's brains see who knows more than the other that's what I gather cuz you got this guy Japanese guy been born in Japan and is in the heart of the camera companies, and then you get this white guy that move to Japan

  4. I struggle to understand how people like the so called japan camera hunter even exist. Its not like film cameras are a rare commodity- they're all over ebay and local ads. Just do a bit of research and but it yourself. Why would you need the hunter?

  5. The budget of the video is wrong, it should be great camera under 300$. Why? Because there are!! You can get a great Minolta with a great 50/1.4 for it, or a pentax ME super, and those can do the same pictures with the same ease as those big names like Nikon F3. Even with Nikon you can stay in that range, an FE with the great 50/1.4, or the FE2 for just a little over 300$. Those are all top cameras, those can do all you ever need in a small setup. Why push it to 1000? From a photographers standpoint there's simply no need, other than to drool over more expensive cameras. Feeding GAS for the love of GAS. Thank you, but no.

  6. Just MHO, but…..Japan Camera Hunter.?……. Somebody should hunt HIM.!
    He is one of the jokers that was or is behind The Reflex 35mm SLR fiasco.

    What a pretentious db….. And stay away from his overpriced 35mm film, if it is still around. He pushed that hard also. This guy is a Promoter first and last. He gives photography a bad name.

  7. If you're going to lay down more than $500 on a film camera you might as well buy digital. I bought a Zenit ET (no AF, shutter only up to 500/s) for $20 and shoot extremely cheap Ukrainian black and white film and absolutely love it. Far more important in film cameras are lenses and film stock.

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