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5 Things to do With….Chocolate | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve trawled the Food Tube archives to bring you our favourite chocolate recipes you may have missed first time round. You’ll thank us for this one. If there’s an …


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  1. a concern and a question:

    I'm from Mexico. looked at your last recipe. I believe all the items are typical, rather than inspired. Cinnamon, pecans, goat's caramel, and piloncillo sugar are some Mexican cooking elements. and the obvious: chocolate is originally from my country. we are not limited to sour cream… but you are the expert, entitled to your opinion. not trying to be a bugger (otherwise I wouldn't ask my question ?)

    my question: how is the mousse vegan? especially in European chocolate the butterfat is high, and butterfat is animal based. so where do you get the vegan chocolate? and maple syrup: like honey, isn't that illegal to vegans? again, not trying to be a prick. this is an honest question because I'm not vegan but I do appreciate vegan cooking. some great recipes.

    thanks so much! I'm willing to try your recipes. look very delicious.

  2. Could you guys do more glutenfree recipes, please? But not ones that already don't have flour in, but ones where you substitute a normal dough for a glutenfree one. Like, for example, a glutenfree sausage roll.. Do you know what I mean?
    There are vegan recipes floating around the internet EVERYWHERE with vegan substitution, but it's SO easy to make ANY recipe vegan! It's really not the same with anything glutenfree…
    So, please, make a glutenfree dough for things like pizza and other baking stuff that requires a dough where it's only the dough and not like muffins…
    That would be amazing! Thank you ☺️?

  3. What kind of chocolate do you use in your recipes ? Cooking chocolate? Please tell me as I want to try all of these recipes! Btw the you are an amazing cook ? Good day

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