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5 Reasons You Need a 35mm Lens

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Reasons why you need a wider lens, the 35mm (http://bit.ly/Prime-35mm) [Playlist]: http://bit.ly/LensRev [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub …


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  1. I have a "zoom" lens that goes from 24 to 35… Really handy when you want to shoot wide, but need wider. – It's like a sneaky 35mm that just goes wider when it's JUST too tight.
    I ALSO have a lens that goes from 35 to 70, so I have three ranges in one, and as a bonus, this thing also has a macro-section. Sure, it might be a little less in quality (though it's really good) and it might be a bit heavier (though it's actually quite compact this one), you have an all-in-one kind of deal (apart from superzoom or superwide).

  2. hmm, this is now makes getting a 35mm DX lens more complicated since I have a Nikkor 50 1.8g but my frame is a crop 3400d. I plan on upgrading to a frame with that utilizes a wired shutter release and a few more tricks up its sleeve, though not sure if I'll go full frame. if I get a 35mm DX lens, its cheap and I could use it in case of the 50mm which is really more like a 75/80mm on the crop sensor.

  3. I like to take pictures of the interiors of many National Trust buildings here in the UK where there is great architecture (usually low light and flash cannot be used) as a newcomer to using a DSLR camera (and someone that is sick of using my camera phone) i genuinely can't decide between a 35mm or 50mm lense to go with my 18-55mm. Would also be using the lense for portaits and high detailed close ups… help please 🙂

  4. Yeh, I feel that thrusting a camera in a stranger's face is rude. I don't think this is a Chinese thing as I saw no evidence of this last visit to HK. For anyone you hasn't been HK is a colourful place… great transport, clean/cheap food and great walking (lots of hills). And enough English signage to make it relatively easy for me to get around. As for close up photos… I go slowly and try to socialise/ask permission before snapping. Of course a long lens can make it more comfortable for everyone.

  5. But remember that you can re crop to what ever you want later if you're using a decent camera (over 16mpx). Often we get to close with the 50mm and then are in trouble re-cropping the shot. What I did was to use a standard kit lens for a while and then look at the focal lengths you took your shots at and predominately what focal length are you most often shooting at? You have the answer and it's what you prefer. For me it was 35 to 40mm's. I had a 40mm Macro and later got a 35mm and prefer the 35 (both can be used as a regular lens). My lens is a f1.8 and is light as a feather and focuses fast. Some very low f stop lenses don't focus fast so try them out (rent them) before buying and they are also very expensive. If you want to save money, get the f1.8 lens and try it out. The more expensive lens will give better image quality on the outer edges of your pictures (less chromatic aberrations). Now you know what prime lens to get … if that's what you're after.

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