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5 Reasons To Buy A TESLA Model 3

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  1. I don't know if you're a truck guy but tesla will unveil theirs soon and rivian has theirs going into production. This coming year will showcase many more options to the electric vehicle market, but you can't beat tesla for the moment. Just a thought here.

  2. Pretty much most cars other than collectors are negative investment. I'm not a car guy, and similarly Tesla are the only car I truly want. For me, the model 3 is pretty much in a entry level luxury price range without expensive maintenance or premium gas. Additionally it just looks nice too unlike many competitors looking like a pile of hot garbage. Our gas price was at $1.7/L ($6.43/Gallon) regular at some point this summer, made me srsly start to consider getting full electric. Other electric cars also suffers heavily from deprecate value. My problem is if I want to add autopilot or not from the start, since I know I'm not going to use it much but it is cool but that's a 10k price to pay.

  3. 5 reason not to buy: Maintenance on Tesla out of warranty will rob you dry. Parts are expensive. Tesla is secretive,so DIY maintenance is almost impossible. Customer service sucks. Price depreciate fast.
    Don't buy unless you have money to throw around. When those maintenance fees comes out of your pocket, your are not going to be happy. $1000 for a door handle, just like apple's $1000 monitor stand. Lol

  4. The next video title is gonna be like "5 reasons why I bought a Tesla" :D. I really love what Tesla is doing and I'm thinking about buying or at least renting one, but I'm only 17 and don't really need a car ;( I just love so much ;(

  5. Being a videographer/photog alone means you pretty much have the ability to monetize anything on at least a small scale. If you tie that with being a successful youtuber, I think it would be a good move. You might even wind up making the money back from an increase in subscribers/Tesla fans.

  6. I'd buy a Tesla but not being a car guy I just need a simple EV but I have to admit that the features on a Tesla are cool and so far ahead of the others.
    Something like the new ID3 is a car I'd probably get. If Tesla made a small hatchback I'd be more keen.

  7. Math: He stated the car has about 500 horsepower and a software update will give him an aditional 5%. Will that come to 525 horsepower from a software update?

  8. If you take care of the exterior (and interior), it will last forever. No transmission which circumvents so many problems. You don't have to buy gas, only electricity, which is awesome.

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