Home Photography 5 Essential TIPS for TRAVELLING WITH GEAR!!


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  1. Hey I see a lot of photographers and videographers using Mac. Is Mac better for editing photos and video or does it matter what system software you have just the what's inside the computer matters?

  2. Great video thanks. I wonder whether you have experienced what i have. I slept in my car in February 12F in Colorado! I wanted to take pictures (I have a Nikon 7100) and drone footage (DJI Spark) of the Great Sand Dunes National park, all my batteries DIED due to the cold. Even having them in my pocket did not work that well. I later thought of putting HANDWARMERS in with my drone case and my camera gear…after that, no problems with cold batteries.

  3. There's pros and cons to a backpack. Ten years ago I spent four months researching a book on Ansel Adams and traipsed all over California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc hiking all over creation, and I used a top of the line Kata backpack that was supremely comfortable and came with excellent strapping. Only problem, and it does get tedious, is that you have to undo the belt and drop the thing to the ground when you need or want something, then hoist it back up and do the buckles up again – if it weighs as much as mine did that gets really old after a while. Sure, you can hang a camera from your neck or the straps, and I generally us a vest to carry bits and pieces I may need in situations like that, but if you're using a couple of bodies, need to switch to a different lens, or have to grab the tripod, then back you go to taking the pack off again. It's times like that when you wish you simply had a shoulder bag, but of course carrying one of those all over the place would kill your shoulders after a while. For long days of tramping everywhere backpacks are definitely the way to go, but they do have their limitations as well.

  4. Peter dude you're killing it. Just unlocked a 1T WD harddrive and found it's empty. Also going on a trip next week and this video really helped on what to bring. Keep the great content coming!!!

  5. Good, dynamic, enthousiast, persuasive, rushy, quick, fast, accurate, funny, usefull, nervous, breathing, FANTASTIC presentation. I will just try to remember everything…do you have a version in slow motion ? Keep smiling I love this video

  6. This is so true!! Went to Nashville at the beginning of April. Wanted to get some night shots from the rooftops but no bars would let you go in with your backpack. Then I said I’ll leave my back pack down here and they still would not allow any detachable lens. 🤦🏻‍♀️I was so upset so I went back to the car and left my camera in there.

  7. A lot of Pete's tips in this one are very basic nuts-and-bolts stuff any serious shooter should already know. At the same time, however, if one is not a pro shooting every day, or if one shots mostly in a studio, this type of reminder video can most definitely save the day! Thanx, Pete.

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