Home Photography 5 COLOR GRADING MISTAKES You Should AVOID


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  1. About color grading, I would love to know different kinds of color grading except Orange & Teal
    Dont get me wrong
    That's my favourite color grading
    But I would love to learn different color gradings
    For example- I cannot use orange and teal in an intense fight or emotional scene

    I will have to use some greenish tone like they use in movies

  2. Colour grading depends on what you're going for and if there is meaning to it. Intense colours work in Wong Kar Wai films, for example In the Mood for Love, where the vividness contrasts with the dull, saddened lives of the characters.

  3. Thank you, I'm editing now my own videos and gee I am aware I make lots of mistakes, also recently upgraded camera but having footage from previous years sometimes it's complicated when I have footage from different cameras XD trying my best… 🙂

  4. Very damn good video. Realy useful, especialy no 5. Thanks for sharing this insight. Is it possible to color match a video with alot of different situation ? For example, from forest, to the beach, to the city, day and night, indoor and outdoor, to the bedroom. How would you match color for that ? If you can make a video about it, im sure it will be helpful for alot of people. Thankyou

  5. 1.) Shoot clips correctly to begin with
    2.) Don't choose weird colours that look unnatural in the grade. Recommended: Teal & Orange.
    3.) If you use LUTS do not overdo them, dial them down & keep it natural.
    4.) Colour correct your shots. Shadows, whites, contrast etc.
    5.) Match the colour of your shots from scene to scene. Use lumetri scopes to assist you.

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