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4k Canon Rebel! We review your "colors" photos, Chit Chat (Tony & Chelsea "Live")

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  1. SO glad I moved to Panasonic GH5s for my video needs away from Canon. They are just full of more and more disappointments for anyone serious for video.
    Fine for vlogging but not much else, even their 1080p looks like 720p…

  2. I have had the SL1 and the SL2. Great travel cameras. 1080 video. Dual pixel focus. the SL2 has a twisty-flippy screen. Small. Lightweight. Relatively inexpensive if lost, stolen, damaged (think bag-handling/TSA/Customs, etc.).

  3. Hi kids, I don't wanna wear out my welcome but if you were me and owned an entry level camera like the Canon SL2, which Prime lens would you buy first, knowing that I do 90 percent video and 10 percent photo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Picture of the old town in Regensburg (Castra Regina/World Heritage Site) Wooohooo 😉
    I love the colourful clock towers. We have several of those because any very rich merchant from the middle ages wanted to put up one of their own.

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