Home Photography 2019 Camera Predictions: Sony a7000, Nikon D760, Canon 7D Mark III

2019 Camera Predictions: Sony a7000, Nikon D760, Canon 7D Mark III

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  1. If phone can be becoming full touch screen why not dslr be full touch screen, do we really need dial and switches this century??
    Better camera company should allow smartphone to attach on dslr physically and with better software from Google play
    Drones are operated by smartphone why not dslr at lest camera battery will last long..

  2. Still think there will be an A9II, seeing as how there will be a major software update to the existing one? If I was Sony I'd wait for the mark II until they can put even better tech in it. Why not, the current latest cameras from Nikon and Canon cant compete with it especially with the new features.

  3. That's it, I'm done.
    I'm officially " Vealed" on camera gear reviews and the like.
    I'll just stick with what I have and concentrate on the creative side of photography.
    I'm going to throw energy and enthusiasum at my photography instead of dollars toward more and more gear.
    Enough is enough. Whew !

  4. Ill be so sick if I buy a Z6 and an Updated 750 is announced later this year. If they could just improve the WiFi experience on a 750 and sprinkle in some 4K Id be fine (and keep the Dual Slots). Love the Z6 but Nikon doesnt want 3rd parties making Z Mount lenses so F Mount is the way to go for now.

  5. I need another camera body really bad. I shoot with the Canon 7d ii which I love for wildlife, and the 7d which I really don't like. Was so hoping the miii would come out right now, but that's what they said last year, so I am almost giving up hope that it will come out this year again.

  6. I completely agree that "multifunction bar" is disgusting and I hate everything about it. It is in the wrong place and I rather have a joystick. I also hate the way the touch screen works for "moving the focus points around". It might be good for videographers but for photographers no way man. I don't care about how Canon was excited about that bar. It sucks for me. If they do go ahead and build a true professional application body in ML that bar better not be there. Big mistake IMHO.

  7. I hope that your predictions for the Sony a7000 come true, except one.  I want Sony to keep
    the same body size and not stick the a7000 into an a9 body.   Although a larger body would be better for holding larger lenses when shooting sports and wildlife, the smaller footprint
    of a a6500 body is preferred for portability and discreteness. 

     I already own the Sony a7 iii and look forward to buying the a7000 to carry in my coat pocket to use for street photography. If the camera body gets bigger, why should I bother buying it?

  8. No mention of the Canon M5 mark ii? Thought to arrive around August. The M5 and M50 are surprisingly popular cameras. If the 7D iii has no fully articulated screen I will be looking at the M5 ii. No articulated screen on the 7D iii will be a big mistake, especially if there is a crop on the 4K.

    I hope you are right about the A7000. That sounds awesome. Some of us love APSC.

  9. I just want the best camera for video, which makes me look good, but with a flippy screen. At the moment I think I'm gonna have to buy the EOS R but I'm waiting because I think maybe something better will come out.

  10. Sony A7000 APS-Camera in a full-frame body? Come on, that is just ridiculous. That would totally destroy the purpose of their APS-C system. I'm just buying the Axxx series because it's smaller that a A7. If APS-C had the same size as full frame, I would immediately switch to full frame. And no, the sensor of the A6300 was not stabilized.

  11. My prediction is that most people have already gotten addicted to photo-video technology just like they got hooked to cell phones. I expect people will start buying everything that sounds got that has bigger specs than previous models. Very few people will actually buy what they need.

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