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2018 REWIND + 2019 NEW STUFF

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  1. Hey Matti! You and Peter nake some great stuff and you as well on your own!! So 2019 I started to be more active on youtube and intro another fellow Canadian in the entertainment industry. So here it goes. Always glade to be following mostly my canadian Youtubers! Im going to start connecting more and being more active in comments and likes on this platform. Im experienced filmmaker, However, I am mostly a creative writer(and mostly I mean short films, which is great when making scripted youtube videos) and have awesome stories to tell. I know basic video editing (and learning more using Adobe Premiere) and have great vision for directing tv/film videos. I live here in Montreal, Quebec, Oui, Je Parler French 😀 And I started daily vlogging 2 weeks ago (with no purpose, but to make daily content for a year and then change it up 2-3 times a week). I will rebrand my channel , just working on my short and long term goals for youtube channel and then I will have a better content in mind. I shoot mostly on iPhone 5SE and a used tripod (purchasing a new tripod 60inch ). And I am an actor (your welcome to imdb me). I mostly like creating comedy, especially dark/black/characterDeadpan/improv/observational and satire comedy films inspired by french/Indian new wave and italian neorealism movie themes from 40-50s). So thats my one paragraph intro about SAM! Hahaha, Im going to copy and paste this to many of the canadian youtubers so I do the same. Keep doing what you love dude! Cheers 🙂

  2. Beginners guide to starting cinematography, I have always wanted to start making short films or B-role but I dont know where to start in terms of what camera to use, how to setup my settings, what software to edit, how to edit on that software, tips and tricks about filming, and what gear is best to use.

  3. @matti haappoja here is a tutorial video idea, how to get started making video tography on a small budget, like starting with a $50 GoPro camera. What you'll need to know, what you would need, etc. From someone like yourself to get started. This is just a rough idea.

  4. well if you ever want to collaborate with someone from Ottawa make sure to let me know! Would love to hang out for a day! Have no problems driving to the Toronto area! Just let me know. Great video! Hope you have an amazing 2019!

  5. Hi Matti. Happy New Year to you also. I want to learn more with "creative" transitions in Premiere Pro and text animation in After Effects. Thanks for everything. I've learned a lot with you channel. Just keep it up !😀

  6. @9:00 – This! Truth! Create, don't vegetate! Social media was sucking the life out of me. My last status update was January 2014. I've accomplished so much more since I quit and I don't miss FB at all. I enjoy your videos and have learned a lot. Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching your channel in 2019.

  7. You have helped me gain more knowledge and confidence in understanding every day is a new day to go out create and step up the game 💪🏾🎥 I love that you're channel is from the heart honest words in every video, you really are a huge inspiration to me❤️For achieving my goal to become the best filmmaker I can be , network/travel the 🌍 create my own passionate projects and stick to finding my own style 🎥🙏🏽 I wish you all the best for 2019 stepping up the game 💪🏻🎥🌍 to help younger creators and beginners with new ideas for delivering your wisdom is magnificent!!

  8. You pick up the skills pretty fast Matti (that board). The "extreme" sports history must help. I tried some young guy's pair of Heelys in 2006 (those shoes with the wheels on the heels). Yeah, I was pretty sure I was going to go through a 9th floor window of the CBC building. I hit it hard, but I'm still around :-D.

  9. @Matti Haapoja happy 2019 to you too – I know I am a little late… That being said, deleting Facebook can be a good idea, especially if you do not use it that much. Be careful though: if you use other website where you used your facebook account for login, you will be locked out… And to post ads on Instagram I think requires a Facebook account. Just as an "FYI" but I guess you already know that…

  10. Hey Matti !! I'm catching up on some videos I missed, too much work haha 😜 My aunt works at La Fondation du Dr Julien, if it's of your interest. They take care of the unfortunate kids of Montreal and follow them through their scholarity. Let me know if you're interested I'd be happy to put you guys in contact 😃

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