Home Photography 2018 Pixel Awards: Camera of the Year! (Picture this Podcast)

2018 Pixel Awards: Camera of the Year! (Picture this Podcast)

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  1. I had to watch this just to make sure "The Moose" was part of the show! "I'll be forever changed"… who wasn't? I am sure that guy is walking around changing people's lives everywhere he goes!

  2. Dear Tony, dear Chelsea, all the best wishes for 2019.
    I am not a photographer but i love to watch your vids. Tony i think you are amazing!!! (Chelsea you are aswel :-))
    Hope to see a lot more of you in 2019.
    Cheers and greetings from the Netherlands!

  3. My dissapointment of the year 2018 the number of reviewers repeating same things over and over again then a single reviewer comes along and gives us something extra or dissaprove what everybody has said. Number two, i don't understand the big deal about extra memory card slot and in built articulating screen. My panasonic AG-AC 130 camera still uses the 64G memorycard from 2012 the cardin the extra slot has never been used. the only camera i had problem with was my GH2, no problem with EOS 5D II, 70D, 6D, A6000, GH4, HMC 150, AC-90 all my cameras still use the cards the came with. I have lost a HD with a customer near to completed project instead, and had to do the whole editing again. Monitors are so cheap that to see reviewrs talking about absence of an articulating monitor is like having nothing to say, most of these reviewers have and use attached extra monitors anyway, give us a break, reviewers cannot be reviewing monitors then the next minute tell us about the cameras own monitor flows.

  4. My favorite thing from past year is how many great used Canon cameras and lenses you can pick up pretty cheap from my local area (OfferUp, Craigslist). The main reason I'm sticking with Canon (currently 6Dii) and not Sony (currently A7 ii), are the options for lenses and accessories….waaaay too expensive for me to switch to Sony glass, flash, etc, and not loving adapters for fast subjects. I was kind of debating moving to mirrorless until I started adding things up. It's like, come buy my razor for cheap, I'll make so much more on the blades.

  5. hey, love you both, I got a quick question.. for international traveling, which two lens would you suggest with a7iii, a)16-35 GM b)24mm f1.4 GM c) 24-70 canon with adapter d) 85mm f1.4 GM.. I want to do some landscape also some portrait photography with background. thank you much if you even ever respond 🙂 keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  6. I've been shooting with an X-T2 for awhile now, and while the X-T3 looks great…I couldn't justify the trade in. Something tells me…with Fuji's recent progress, and the fact that they listen to their customers, the X-H2 is going to blow minds. Can't wait to see that one when it arrives, Imagine an upgraded X-T3 with IBIS.

  7. OMG… Moose was definitely a memorable guest. “Back in my day we didn’t have cameras, we just bit our thumbs and drew on cave walls with our own blood…and never cropped. Cropping is for sissies!” What an amazing asshat! Totally most cringe-tastic episode.

  8. My 2018….Tony and Chelsea I found your channel at the beginning of my search for a upgrade to my travel, hiking and skiing camera (well used old Nikon Coolpix 4300). Tony your math explaining crop factors, focal length apertures and ISO helped immensely. I purchased two of your digital books, Stunning Digital Photography and Photography Buying Guide. Between the books and your channel APS-C, MFT, FF, Nikon DX-FX, Canon EF, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony A6000-6500, A7ii, Fuji T2-T20 became clearer. Next the introduction to the DXO Mark website, the testing of lens sharpness, my sights to a perfect match was becoming crisper. My budget considering this is just a hobby and my images are beautiful but I’m not trading money, I just like sharing my experience with family and friends. All the new features being announced, my wants and need were being tested, I saw my budget being stretched. Still photography is my prime interest, video ok maybe for fun in-between shots, maybe the ability to pull an image from the video, but pure image capture was my goal. How many MP’s, feature sets within the menus, weight of the entire system, sharpness of the lens lineup, cost, future proof of the system, I wasn’t sure. I had a spreadsheet with a score matrix and lists with possible kit costs and weight. Still without a camera, Sony’s A7iii wow (few too many$$, but wow) has it all, great battery life, speed, a bit big and the FF glass becomes heavier, larger and blows the budget, drop back to the A7ii or A6300 (I’m left eye dominant)? Now comes in the XT3 WOW leaving the XT2 and T20 with great sale prices, their lenses look great but I couldn’t find DXO like test results. I had hopes the 2018 Photokina would release what I had been hopping for a OM-D E-M5iii. Panasonic going FF? Your comments about used gear on my mind, I spot a sweet local deal with an Olympus 17, 9-18, 12-50, 70-300 all priced 50% below retail, and it comes with an OM-D E-M5i at no cost. The seller in situation of hard times, soon to be ex-wife unemployed returned home to Europe, needing to split their gathered wealth and collections, their loss my gain. I wanted to get shooting so I dropped hard cash. Looking forward to Olympus’s 100th year and a hopeful announcement of a mark iiii. Then the darkest moment, a video saying MFT was dead, oh shit I just dropped my cash, now what? Oh Tony I disliked those words, total denial on that future forecast. I do believe I have a kit that I can learn and use for quite awhile, then pass over to another family member if “FF glass comes down in size and weight”. I’ve enjoyed your insight and views, plus knowing you don’t have a crystal ball, your channel is very interesting and informative. Let 2019 roll, it will be interesting to see what Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Nikon and Canon do. All the best to you both, Tony and Chelsea in 2019, happy and healthy wishes.

  9. Great Video. I watched your Fuji X-T3 and Parrot Anafi videos and ended up buying both. Great purchases. I will use them both for commercial photos and video. Most of my work is in the Golf Industry and these both fit the bill for what I needed. I appreciate all the work you both do putting out good video content and honest reviews.

  10. I agree with the fact that Fujifilm deserves the title of most user friendly gear… The X-T2 always pushes me to go out to take pictures !!!
    But… Full Frame will always be Full Frame !!! That's why I'm also in love with my A7R2 and why I will buy the A7M3, which is in my opinion, the best camera of 2018 😉

    By the way Tony… I also hate the toy batteries by Fujifilm !!!!!
    As i own and owned many different Sony cameras, like A6000, A6500, A7M2, A7R2, RX10 M4… I have something like 10 batteries for my A7R2… But the Z type battery is really a huge improvement !!!!

  11. Tony and Chelsea, This is the first time ever I've posted a comment on a reviewer's/s' reviews!
    I thoroughly enjoy your honesty and the clarity of your assessments.
    They are so helpful and practical for us photographers out there, who have to think carefully about the equipment we use and the $$s we spend.
    Where would we be without you, Tony, Chelsea and puppy dog? We'd be a lot more apprehensive in our equipment decision making.
    Re your comments on the Zs. I think auto-focus is important in large resolution/sensor cameras. Once we select a 3D focus point in a shoot, we want it to stay in focus on that point for our stills and (oh so important) our videos. You've confirmed that mirrorless offers the best most diverse system when it comes to satisfying the need to shoot both stills and videos with the one body. I'd like to move to Sony full frame (the 7s, or the 9) because Sony's as good as it gets when it comes to auto focus. But I'm a Nikon DSLR (D810) user, and I'll not move into the Z's as they're not that good with their autofocus. A big disappointment. Maybe I'll consider Sony in time if Nikon does nto lift its game. I'm also very curious about Panasonic full-frame and the mount alliance. A friend has a GH5 and loves it, and gets good results.
    Thanks Tony and Chelsea for doing a remarkable job in a public space.
    John of Birkdale, Queensland, Australia.

  12. Camera-wise 2018 has been the year of omissions: XT3 no IBIS, GH5S no IBIS, Nikon Z no dualcard slots, Canon EOS R no real 4K, Panasonic no usable CAF despite various firmware attempts. Sony did an excellent job with the A73, albeit still offering a crappy GUI and starting 2019 with the disappointing a6400. It could be all so simple to make customers happy, as all ingredients for a market sweeping offering are known and marketable! Who will do this in 2019?

  13. People love it Chelsea..lol. You're hilarious guys. I haven't seen the end of this yet, but if it's not the A73, I'll be surprised. Even though I'm not crazy about it, it's probably the best overall value. But I like the Z6.

  14. да, фокусировка у нового никон такая себе, особенно по сравнению с тем что выпустила сони в своих новых прошивках( Сам юзаю nikon d7500 и в ближайшее время не хочу менять

  15. Hi Tony and Chelsea, I just wanted to clarify the overstatement with the X-T3. I thought the X-T3 can shoot 30 fps in 1.25x crop mode with electronic shutter (ES) with autofocus?

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