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200K FACE PUNCH!! Premiere Pro Tutorial

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We hit 200K!!! THANK YOU! You all know what that means! In my 100K video, I jokingly made mention that if we hit 200K, I would punch myself in the face. Well …


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  1. am I blurry or you punched in video your left eye… and you make upped your right eye… 🙂 🙂 🙂 you just scann us, how deep we watch you… heheheheh

  2. You may already know, but Shift+Delete will close the gap when you cut out a section of a clip. Alternatively, you can right-click the gap and choose gap delete.

  3. Wow! You are at 1.8m now! I can’t believe how much your channel has grown in just a year. I have to say thanks for all the lessons. You have an innate ability to stay consistent while covering a wide variety of topics and activities. I’m just starting out, but I’m paying attention to you guy.

  4. Hey Peter; how are you man? I'm an older inspiring Cinematographer who has been watching sooo many of your vlogs and Scotts vlogs to better try to redirect my career into something more of what I enjoy and am so enthused with but lack in the skills to follow through to achieve what I want. Your channel and some select few others have been my daily or nightly routine to try and get to the place where I feel I am portraying what I feel in what I am seeing on my adventures. Your vibe is inspiring and is easy to follow. I thank you for supplying such a great base for me and Im sure many others to get into this field. I would love to follow you through a shoot and edit to see first hand what it takes to be a successful blogger/vlogger/cinematographer….etc… love your stuff buddy.


  5. You can add to this method of editing by shaping a couple of white soft mints in your mouth to the size of teeth.. add a bit of tomato sauce in your mouth.
    Punch yourself in the mouth using Peter's method but after the fake punch spit out the teeth(mints) and blood(sauce) for a more gruesome effect!
    You can add a smile to camera afterwards with a couple of blacked out teeth using black sticky paper or do it in the edit!

  6. Peter ?! 🙂 So funny as always 🙂 But! But… why do you have pain in your mouth if you "had hit your right eye"? 🙂 🙂 ahahaha By the way: your work is awesome 🙂 Congratulations for this channel and thanks for you sharings 😉

  7. Hi Peter! I am newbie at Premiere Pro and the same to your channel and I am so lucky that I found you here in YouTube! You’re videos help me a lot. Make it easier for me to do my video stuffs! Love all your tutorials! Keep it up bro! 👍🏼🤠👌🏼😍

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