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  1. Oh please make a YouTube channel Mark! I myself and so many others would love to see your YouTube channel on film making, behind the scenes, and just about the day in the life of a director, or film maker! Thanks. Matti for the awesome long YouTube video! So much great information. I also was really glad and happy to hear that if you try one role it doesn’t mean you are going to be stuck in that role forever. Thanks man.

  2. It sounds like somewhere there is a large flowchart almost completely obliterated with marks,and lines, and arrows in pencil,pen,sharpie,crayon,and finger paint that explains all the responsibilities, relationships and hierarchy of crew. I'm imagining it resembling a football playbook scanned into Photoshop as layers, then merged.

  3. hey, Matti in just getting into filmmaking/video editing. but at the moment I lost my gear on a kayaking tour started raining and everything got soaked and it won't work anymore and but back then I was more focus on photography. Now that I have to buy new gear I'm a bit lost and I wanted your help since you know more than I do can you recommend a good camera that can do both my budget is around 2500$ USD ​

  4. As a set medic, I would love to hear you guys talk about some craziness that has happened on set. You can find me on LinkedIn & Nevada film Office.
    20 yrs in EMS and the wide range of injuries and illness it never gets old. 💃🌺🍕🍕

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