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1st Amendment Audit, West Hollywood Sheriff's Station

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While conducting a First Amendment Audit of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station I encounter a female deputy who wasn’t too happy with my filming.


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  1. You need to work on the lies you're telling the cops. Everybody knows it bullshit. you're not doing a story about the sheriffs office. you have no sources, you have no publishers, no editors. they see right through that crap, thats why they are asking you those dumbass questions like when will it publish and where so they can read it.

    keep it short and simple.
    you're collecting B roll
    you're independent media
    working on a public interest piece

    Keep It Simple Stupid

  2. Hold on a second what happened to your voice you suddenly sound more manly. I actually thought you were gay when I was first listening to you way back when not that there's anything wrong with that I mean being gay

  3. That frumpy high paid security guard /deputy is diversity hire af. I know firsthand about their fucked standards. I watched females fail the push-ups and still pass their entrance PT test.

  4. Male officer not friendly. Feigned hospitality attempt to get further info, each concession is a tactic to weezel info. Relentlessly stern fake concession/
    weasel interegation game thru out.
    Officer: I concede that you do have a few rights. Now you’re obligated to concede your info to me (lick my boots). Haha. Your free choice, of course.

  5. So a couple of obervations. Interesting name…why Nasy Nathanial? And it was clear you wanted to hang around to get a reaction. If no one had spoken to you, would you have posted the video??

  6. Officer: Do you have ID?
    Me: Yes I do. Would you like to see it?
    Officer: Yes.
    Me: There's a $250 non refundable application fee, you have to get on your knees and beg for fifteen minutes and you must address me as "Lord and Master."

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