Home Photography $1,550 iPhone XS Max: photographers POV, GIVEAWAY, First impressions

$1,550 iPhone XS Max: photographers POV, GIVEAWAY, First impressions

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WIN the iPhone xs Max visit http://freesdp.com We unbox and talk about the new iPhone XS Max from a photographers perspective! This camera is better than …


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  1. That lens you guys shot with is so shallow that the phone is out of focus when you reach 10 inches in front of you. Awesome! Great bokah behind the spot also

  2. So, Chelsea is going to compare a camera phone with a camera? Unfair, as the phone has its version of Lightroom/Photoshp built in for dummies! Seriously, If you guy's really think a phone camera is going to better than a traditional camera, you have lost me as a subscriber.

  3. Just gonna throw my pity out there.. suuuuuuure could use that free camera..LOL I don't have a twitter.. soo i lost points there.. but seriously.. Y'all are awesome.. and I have a mighty need for a camera…LOL

  4. The new iPhone, Pixel and Samsung 9 are nice but very expensive. I would like to see your review and photography skills to overcome shortcomings on less expensive Smartphones such as the unlocked Lenvo Moto 6 at Costco for around $240.

  5. I really need a phone because my other phone is broken it was Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime it has a broken screen I am trying to collect some money so I can buy a phone 🙁 hope I win good luck everyone

  6. We both are very active and use them for work.>>>ur2.pl/1255 They are fast and love New ID log in for access and our apps. Camera is amazing and the features create beautiful picture options. Still learning all the great new features but so glad we got them.

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