Home Photography $13,000 Sony 600mm f/4 GM lens review: MIRRORLESS WILDLIFE!

$13,000 Sony 600mm f/4 GM lens review: MIRRORLESS WILDLIFE!

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We review the Sony 600mm f/4 GM lens (http://sdp.io/sony600) at $13000, when used with a Sony a9 and 2x teleconverter. That’s a pretty typical price; most …


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  1. Good to see some real world coverage of some things that many people miss when the A9 is marked as the best sports camera in the world.

    RE the 2x with the sony being better for AF – interesting to see a comparison between the D850 bare (or with a 1.4x). the lack of AA filter and the higher MP would offset the need for the bigger converter.
    Also allows you to keep your subject in the frame a bit easier too then crop in post

    Oh and the big killer for Sony for anyone shooting sports/wildlife without the super deep pockets is that the 2nd hand glass on the market for Canon/Nikon means its a huge step up in cost.

    I'll keep my D850 + the Sigma 500mm F4 (which is 1/3 the price of the Sony 600mm and similar weight)
    Really should test that lens out guys!

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out the issues with the mirrorless viewfinder and wildlife. My greatest pleasure in wildlife photography is watching the subject through my camera between shots. I'ld rather see my subjects directly, as opposed to an electronic rendering.

  3. Nice review but I doubt that EVF-lag is relevant to more “down to earth” focal lengths than at 1200(!) mm. I mean it’s almost impossible to follow a bird in flight with what is practically a telescope.

  4. A 600mm lens for wildlife ? I don't think so. It has to be a zoom, so the 200-600 would
    be the lens of choice. I shall be sticking with my D500 and 200-500 for some time yet.

  5. Tony , this is awesome info, from you and other photographers Sony can now take the information and go back to improve the A9 in these areas and you know Sony will make it happen in the A9 mk2 ,maybe even a better sensor and 40 megapixels, mirrorless is great and still has a little way to go to be as good as the Nikon or Canon equivalent , Sony has done amazing things considering they only entered the dslr market place in 2005 and will catch up with Nikon/Canon in time.

  6. You should have had the self discipline to go to bed earlier instead of staying up late swilling micro brews and doing hate videos on Nikon. Mark Smith got up early enough for good shots. But he’s a real wildlife photographer, not a one size fits all, snap shooter like, “Others,” at the show.

  7. The one question I’d like answered on this couple is which one is the first one under the table on those long, ‘thirsty’ summer nights back East?

  8. Yeah…. Sony have a lot to prove in terms of ecosystem and long term support and…. not being traditional sony before invsting that kind of money in their platform is smort

  9. Hi Tony .. I know this might be silly, but any chance you can test the Sony 200-600 with Sony A7II .. I already have the A7II body , but had to jump to Nikon and get D500 + 200-500 for my wildlife passion … am now inclined to Sony 200-600, but need to know if I should spend the extra money and get Sony A7III or will A7II be just as good with this lens for wildlife … This is my Insta link if you want see how my photography is presently .. https://www.instagram.com/coolkriss/

  10. I also need an opinion, please, preferably if the channel owner responds, or the cone has some experience in shooting. I want you to tell me which one of them 3 is better

    Dslr – Nikon D3500
    Dslr – Canon 4000D or 2000D but on 24mp
    Mirrorless – Sony A5100

    Who is better please i need help !

  11. A lot of the time for tracking fast moving birds, I could only do it with both eyes open, one watching the viewfinder and the other in the real-world. Its hard to do at first, but once you get used to it, you get more frames in focus. Haven't tried with EVF though.

  12. I know nobody really reads my comments but, I just went back and watched the initial video on the 89 up to three minutes to clear the buffer if you shooting both cars in the garage that is totally unacceptable. Thats a lifetime for a photographer not to be able to use a camera.

  13. You said two things I wonser about.
    1) A9 + Sony 600/4 + TC2 is better (in resolution or speed and ability to focus because the actual aperture is f=8 or what?) than Nikon D850 + Nikkor 600/4 (latest version I hope – E FL lens) + TC2. Nevertheless I will argue for a less optical quality on Nikon's TC2 compared to Sony's TC2 and Canons TC2 as well.
    2) You said that A9's 24 Mp sensor isn't enough when using the lens + TC2!
    I will say that you on the contrary get more blur problems when shooting with such high focus lengths as 1200 mm if you use a 45 or 50 Mp sensor compared to a 24 Mp. As a nature photographer you certainly don't need a high resolution sensor what ever high technology there is in the camera as a whole, the sensor or in the camera computer. And that is if you only look at the resolution and the ability to get pin sharp pics. Not to speak about dynamic range, bit rate maybe and color range.

    Otherwise a superb information from you, thanks. You are brilliant. Maybe a little too fast talking for a foreigner … 😉

  14. VF image is a tenth of a second behind and that caused you to lose thd bird? I don't think so. The tiny AoV at 1200mm is the problem.
    Nothing else can track a tern against a busy background? You need to dust off your D500.

  15. Hi, I'm new to photography. I want a full frame camera, what do you recommend the sony a7iii or the nikon z6, I do not have glasses, I've only had one sony a6300. I want to throw pictures to my son who practices judo and to my daughter who will be born soon, in judo there is never good lighting, thanks for the recommendation.

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