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12 Subscribers to 25,000 in a year | Tips for starting Youtube in 2018

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  1. Hi PJ, the audio quality in your video is really terrific. Do you record the audio on a separate track and sync it in editing or somehow have it record into your camera's SD card? I have a Blue Yeti as well as a new Canon DSLR and would love to use the two of them together like you are if possible. Any recommendations on how to do so? Many thanks and continued success!

  2. WTF!!! Only One thousand bucks for a million views!!?? That must have changed right bc it seemed like people were making a lot more money in the early years of YouTube.

    So if you are not hocking different cameras and other products for people to buy, you probably wont get sponsors either!?

  3. Been struggling with 35 subs for 6 months now.. Finally, after watching this, maybe I'll get recognized .. My small problem tho – I do all my videos in Norwegian 😉

  4. Dude I laughed so hard at the end. I appreciate you man. Your cheerfulness and helpful attitude is exactly what people like seeing on YouTube. Working on growing my own channel, so thanks for the tips!

  5. Hey potato why didn't I find your channel before? I'll blame it on the Robot! Lol BTW I already watched like 24 of your videos… I guess two more and I'll be a Potato school of awesomeness graduate 😁

  6. So this may be to late to matter but… I have started my channel not to long ago and I was wondering if you could just look at it. Tell me what you think. Anyone else feel free to tell me what you think. Honestly I’m kind of all over the place with my videos lol.

  7. I keep becoming a bigger fan of Gene every time I watch another video of his. I know it takes time but I have to admit I’m dying to be part of the successful YouTubers club. Thanks for the advice and encouragement dude. Great channel.

  8. This is just what I needed, thanks dude. Some of you're tips I haven't heard anywhere else and they made complete sense to me. I've been at Youtube for 18 months now with a ton of videos and only 178 subs. I'm just editing my latest video and I'll put what you've said into practice, thanks!

  9. This video is now almost 2 years old, I wonder if you keep up with comments on older content? I started a channel this year and would love it if you check out "the crazy sh#t I do"! I appreciate the content you've created that has helped me on my new vlogging journey.

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