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WOW! 100K Subscribers! We hit this goal in less than 2 months – I am absolutely astounded, humbled and beyond excited. THANK YOU to each and every one …


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  1. Id love to see you make a video about how you exploded on youtube…2.6 million subs? how the hell?! CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT??? when you started out did you and do you utilize tags? Do you share your content on other sites?

  2. Hey Peter! Just decided to watch one of your older videos and landed on this one, amazing to look “back” on this! Quick question/tip/wish, I would love to hear your thoughts on the GH5. Kinda like “2018/2019 edition”. I know you shoot canon, and I love canon, but it would be amazing to see you test out the GH5 🙌 That’s all, inspired by you man!

  3. Great Job Peter you inspired me to start up a channel. Been awhile since I’ve been passionate about something and you influenced my to start photography/cinematography. Thanks

  4. Belated congratulations on your first 100K subscribers, Pete. I only just now found you (through Casey Neistat's channel), but that does nothing to lessen your achievement. I have subscribed and I'm watching your episodes in order, from oldest to newest. It looks like a helluva ride, and I'm looking forward to learning a great many new skills and tricks. Again, kudos to you for all your hard work. 👍

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