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  1. Hey man, watching your videos for a bit and finally subscribed the other day. You offer rock solid input from a perspective of experience that is very valuable. Your videos have no fat in them and are useful start to finish. As a result of that I thought I would scroll down and check out a few comments *Video on what equipment film makers should use, assuming they would match the quality of what sat above them. Oh YouTube… Keep up the great work man and laugh off the jealousy and hate that will inevitably be thrown at you as a symptom of your growing success. I look forward to learning a lot more from you in the future. Cheers and congrats on the growing family.

  2. congrats for having a son, enjoy your parenting! I hope it will affect your filming too. Personally I had to shoot every moment when my girls progress in something… It is great to have these memories somewhere "saved" for later. Good luck with your new role 🙂

  3. Congrats on fatherhood! Enjoy the wild journey! Got the LUTs pack and it's awesome! Question: is the blur in the lower left added in post or is the lens decentred?

  4. It's a little late, but congratulations on the new baby! As a father of 3 as of March, I can tell you that it is the best feeling in the world! Enjoy time with the baby as often as you can because they don't stay that way for long, and it's something you really don't want to miss.

  5. CONGRATS @ALEXRIFFMASTER AND DANTE BARCENAS!!! And thank you so much to everyone for being a part of this channel! And thanks for being a part of celebrating my newborn son!!I couldn't be happier.

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