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10 Women In Hollywood With Very High IQ

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  1. This video stupid so I guess the video makers have a low IQ. Most of these actors are just people who went to college, which is admirable but still it doesn't' denote a high IQ. Geena Davis (not on the list) and Mayim Bialik actually DO have a high IQ's, both at 149 and Natalie Portman's (not mentioned) is is also very high at 140. Quentin Tarantino's is 160. For comparison both Stephen Hawking and Einstein had a IQ of 160.

  2. I believe Mayim Bialik has a high (absolute) IQ. I believe Lupita Nyong'o and Amal Clooney have relatively high IQs. For all the others, hell no. Eva Longoria, particularly, is a dummy who has a career premised entirely on her looks. Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman should be on this list and few others.

  3. Whom ever put this video together and titled it celebs with a high IQ… doesn't have a very high IQ!
    Geena Davis is a member of mensa. She has a very high IQ. Ladies like her should be on this list. These ladies get a big pat on the back and are good role models to show women everywhere that if you have the time and you have the means ( the will and the money, and transportation etc l) to expand your education, then being of an older age shouldn't you.

  4. Why would you not title this video 'Famous women with advanced degrees', or something similar? One's level of education doesn't mean anything when it comes to IQ. There are individuals with a PhD that wouldn't test above average on an IQ test. And there are individuals that only graduated from high school that can text at genius levels.

  5. Talko , a degree doesn't qualify someone to have a HIGH IQ. Talko you guys are really stupid on how you look at the world and these celebrities. You just did a disservice to all women. Saying women with degrees in Hollywood have brains and the only ones who have brains. .Drama Arts doesn't qualify someone to have a high IQ also people struggle with learning disabilities. Women with learning disabilities I have seen these women work so much harder than others to make the grade . Talko your narrative is so warped. Your thought process is disgusting. The only women in the world who are actresses with high IQ's are the ones with the degrees. Is it surprising that women have High IQ's and/or go to college and become really successful? Why is this even a vlog? This is disrespectful to all humans. Like how surprising women have brains . I cannot listen to your vlogs because they make people stupid. IQ points go down . College is hard, School can be an obsession and some people are really good at it and it is fun to learn. I am a fast learner and I read all the time. i went to college , but left because I got really sick. I do not know what my IQ is. I know I am an intelligent woman. My point I made on another youtube vlog . I said that women are the worst to women and Talko you guys just proved my point. BTW Amal is not a movie star. She married one . You guys act like she is a starlet and she isn't. She went to law school, she is beautiful , smart , and married to one of the most famous actors of all time. She is successful and she is an over achiever and that is awesome. The title of this Vlog is stupid.

  6. None of these equate to having a high IQ. Natalie Portman for example, yes, very intelligent and she’s not even in this list!! Miyam, neuroscience, yeah, she’s intelligent. And sure Amal has brains. But the rest of them, not hard. I have 2 bachelor degrees with honours. But I wouldn’t say I’m a genius with a high IQ. Very misleading title!

  7. Shallow rubbish trying to persuade people that education or IQ (Idiocy Quotient?) represents anything of real value. It might only help them if they get tired of being a puppet in Hollyweird. True intelligence is not intellectual, but spiritual or moral intelligence, i.e. at least knowing the Golden Rule or the difference between right and wrong. No teacher can teach those priceless things; it's a gift from God if anyone is able to learn them or realize they are incapable of hurting or using anyone. An intellectual or "smart" moron is a more deadly moron. Intellectuality is an impediment to true intelligence. Hitler was intelligent, but a moral retard.

  8. Being "beautiful and classy" does NOT equate with a high IQ! Many people go back at a later age and finish their education, and they may plod along until they get a degree, but that really means little. And if you are educated other than America where the standards are fairly high, it may not mean much. And you must take into consideration that MANY, MANY students are given a "social pass" — whereas, to determine a high IQ involves taking SEVERAL KINDS of standardized IQ tests and even then, they do not always agree! While finishing your education or furthering your education is admirable, it often shows more tenacity than smarts! (OR fear of getting out on your own, can often cause balkiness and keep a "student" in school!) But celebrities WILL be noticed and sometimes exploited, by the schools as well as by their studios and other entities!

  9. It is quite sad to read some of these comments. Why is it assumed that only persons with degrees in Mathematics or science, are intelligent? Maybe based on the title, they should have also posted their IQs, but, overall, these women are indeed quite intelligent.

  10. You missed one! Melissa peterman. She played Barbara jean in the T.V. Show Reba. Cast as a ditsey blond she is anything but. A few years back she appeared on the Jeff fox worthy show called are you smarter than a fifth grader. She aced every one of the questions. You need to do better research about what you’ve done on this subject. The title of fox worthy show is misleading, those questions were very hard. BTW…. what about the smart males? Or do you feel there are no intelligent men in the world? Talk about your prejudice!

  11. What is up with the TheTalko host woman's mispronunciation of SO many everyday words, in every SINGLE video?! She needs to take a page from this video and work on her education, to learn how to pronounce her words, and say FAMOUS people's names correctly!.

  12. These people are amazing high achievers and very successful indeed. But i disagree with the title. Having those fancy degrees and education does not always mean they have high iq. You must consider hardwork and perseverance too

  13. Chicano studies?? Lol. If the list includes men, most of the current names would be out of the list. Dolph Lundgreen and Brian May would be on top.

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