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10 Things that Annoy Photo Enthusiasts

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Most of us are photo enthusiasts, but we all have friends who are not. Here are 10 things that people say or do that annoy the hell out of photo enthusiasts.


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  1. I used to bring my camera gear to most events we went to and I took photos. So just like in the video, people started asking me to do shoot photos at their crappy events – baby showers, engagements, kid's birthdays, etc. I got so fed up with it, I stopped taking my camera anywhere, and people stopped asking me to photograph things.

  2. My friends are always comparing their mobile phone cameras to my SLR, it pisses me off and I just can't explain to them that my SLR is 100× better than their phone, even if it shoots 1080p while their does 4K or whatever. Camera people get this.

  3. "why don't u just use a phone? "

    "my phone can burst faster than that! "

    "why would you need a fixed lens? "

    "move out of his way. He's taking a picture" (I'm doing street photography you dong!)

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